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Title: Jimmyr DMSI 3.3.2 Journal
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Hi Everybody!

Been a lurker for a long time here and decided I'd give my experience to help Shannon out with reporting on the Fear Removal and also get advice on usage from time to time.  I've used all the versions of DMSI since 2.2, but never reported because my results were pretty much the same as the non executors.  At least that's what I told myself.  Throughout my runs of DMSI I have had a few girls approach me, but it was very inconsistent.   Anyways been on DMSI 3.3.2 the last four days ultrasonic mainly, but had one night where I tried hybrid.  So far I'm finding that one one day I am feeling really good and attractive and noticing more smiles from women, but the next day I tend to get angry easily, and feel really sad when I see attractive women on tv or in person.  I feel the Fear removal is working on something and it takes a day before I start feeling better again each time.  Today is one of my bad days I was in the lobby at the oil change place and there was this really attractive blonde girl. I kept wishing the sniper would fire, but saw no signs of attraction.

I'll probably only report every  now and then when there is something to note either Fear removal module related or success related.  Shannon, just wanted to let you know I appreciate the work you are doing and have faith that DMSI final will be everything we hope it will be. Looking forward to reading everyone's journals!

I'm seeing an obvious pattern. People use a program, and when it's powerful enough to execute despite fear and resistance, the fearful parts get upset. That's where the anger and sadness is coming from. It should ebb and flow less and less over time as the FRM does it's job.

If you're not seeing the sniper fire it is only possible for one of two reasons.

1. You're self sabotaging from fear that hasn't been dealt with yet.
2. She isn't what the targeting system is looking for.

I look forward to seeing how you do in the future.
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So last night was my first night going out to the bar since starting DMSI 3.3.2. Been on it for about five days now. Noticed the attractive female bartender seemed friendlier and more open than normal and seemed to keep coming to my side of the bar. I was sitting there talking with the owner so that could have been the reason too. Two older women started conversations with me, one semi attractive that I talked with for a bit. Felt the natural seduction was working rather well because all my knowledge was just flowing straight to my brain as I talked with her. Also, felt the celebrity effect as well since several guys were talking to me starting conversations. Today been feeling really tired, which could be some type of resistance. If I can have more nights like last night, this sub will be a lot of fun!
I am currently on day 3 of the bloom and since last Friday things have been awful! Went out with some friends and saw no signs of attraction from women. Last few days I have gone on walks where I run into at least 20 attractive women and don't see anything. Last few days been feeling really sad, easily irritated and depressed. Fear removal must be working on something big. Hoping it won't take too much longer.
are you still on DMSI ? any news?

Back-to-back AM6.
(01-03-2020, 01:20 PM)tolgaocal80 Wrote: are you still on DMSI ? any news?

Thanks for asking!  Yeah, I've been running this version of DMSI since beginning of September or so.  I have not gotten laid yet on this version, but feeling really amazing on this version.  I spent a couple of weeks upping the loops and things were quite difficult where I felt hopeless and depressed especially during the bloom.  Now my confidence is much higher and if a girl does not show attraction to me it's not a big deal.  I've had some interesting experiences with this version where it is inconsistent, but when it hits it's obvious, but I get so surprised that I do not take advantage of it and other times it feels like nothing is happening.  I had one experience that while I was singing karaoke this one hot woman kept coming up to me and grinding on me and twerking on me each time I went up.  Other girls won't stop staring when it hits. I'd say this version is doing a lot of good for me so I"ll keep running it until the next version comes out.  Try to report more often too.


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