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Title: FYPJ
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This time I am using a program with not so much success stories. One or two I have read but surely it is not the most used program here and it will probably never get a hype train.

Why am I using this program?
I am looking for a job. Currently I have a job, very well paid, could be more, but also the job is kind of not fulfilling to me. I'm a technical project manager with an engineering background. I want to change my job because for a long time I wanted to change the location and now I know where I want to go. Move to another country to my girlfriend. I like the attitude there, I like the people, the lifestyle and the landscape.

What is my perfect job?
It is somehow a position with more of an overview perspective (system level, management, cross function) with diverse tasks, I dislike too much routine mundane tasks, a position with responsibility, a position to drive change and improve things. And the job is somewhere in driving distance (less than 45 minutes) from the place of my future residence.

Why not choose USM?
I'm not sure it will help me find a job. Maybe it will move me further to my overall goal to be an entrepreneur and investor, but maybe in a way that is not helping my life in the short term. FYPJ is about finding the perfect job for me and the perfect job could very well be supporting me on my way to become an entrepreneur and investor. But if USM drives me too much in that direction already than it might take too much out of my current life. I want a stable life there within the next 6-9 months. That is why I think finding a job first might support that.

When did I start with FYPJ?
Beginning of December
I’ve used this one twice. Both times it lead me to get what I thought was my perfect job within a couple of months. It was amazing. I had been trying to get into this field for years with no success, I ran the program, and BOOM, I got it. Unfortunately, in both cases I lost it during the on the job training phase, so I have some advice on this one.
One or both of two things went wrong here.
#1. I was steering the result consciously too much. I may have overridden my subconscious knowing what my perfect job was by consciously wanting that one particular job so much. The parts of the program that caused me to manifest the opportunities and act in the right way to get the jobs worked perfectly, but it manifested the job I thought I wanted, not the perfect job.
To solve this problem, it seems to be important to just allow your subconscious to guide you and not put any restrictions on what it’s looking for. Obviously you still need to apply for jobs, but be open to finding things that don’t fit the mold of what you think you want.

#2. The job I got was the perfect job for me, but I had done nothing to work on myself mentally to finally achieve the level of success that I had been trying to for years. My negative self image couldn’t handle it, and I self sabotaged myself back to what my subconscious believed was my level. FYPJ doesn’t have FRM in it, or anything else that would help you keep the job that you found.
What I’m going to do when I run FYPJ again in the near future is to jump on the latest greatest version of USLM as soon as I know I have the job in order to prevent this from happening. I don’t think I’ll even wait the requisite time to let it clear out this time, just hit the ground running.
Thanks Paul. Your experiences with FYPJ I already were one of the few to find here. I appreciate it very much that you have advice what you think went wrong and what you think might fix it.
Within the time of applying I understood more about why I like certain jobs and why I don't feel I would enjoy other jobs. One job in particular came in focus, but I am all the time open to other opportunities that present themselves. I think in my case if I get that job I might run FYPJ a little bit longer to find out if it is just like an AYP subliminal and you not only attract your perfect job but some kind of job that just seems close but is not really the perfect one.

In the long run no job will be perfect for me for the rest of my life, so I just think the next job should be perfect for like the next 2-5 years while I build something up in my own time.

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