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Title: "Directional Reflection Shield" and the past
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can DRS deal with the people you have left?
my old boss for example.I had to quit my job because of all the negativity toward me.
I feel very sad and angry every time I remember he tried to let me know that I'm inferior and make me believe that I can be replaced at anytime he wanted to.and he started to do this after I provided him with all the tools and ideas he ever needed to stay at his position.
I regret that I did my best for him but the last two years that I remained at my job hurt me so much that I haven't even tried finding a new job.I always dream going back and prove to him that I'm not a useless inferior ....so much negativity toward me
Does this sub help me without getting back at my job,or do I have to be near him for it to work?
The DRS will only protect you from and reflect incoming negativity in real time. If he is projecting negative energy at you while you are using the DRS, it won't matter where he is; if his negative energy is reaching your DRS, it will be blocked and reflected.

It does not stop people from saying negative things, necessarily. Just projecting negative energy at you.
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