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Title: Difference between SM3 and DMSI
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What are the main differences between DMSI and Sex Magnet? They both seem to be aimed at getting you more sex and making you more attractive so what's the main difference?
SM3 continues where AM stopped and is trying to make you more alpha in sexual way. While it has some auras, too, they are here just for assistance. The main work is done through internal changes to make you more attractive and successful in sexual way. DMSI takes in some sort the opposite way. It creates an aura which is supposed to make you irresistable attractive and makes just so much adjustments as much it is needed to reach the goal while don't caring if you are alpha or not. And it is meant to make the women do the work (if you are male and are attracted to women) and seduce you into sex. The auras in SM are also supposed to make women approach you at the end of the program but the focus is still on you to make everything needed to make sex happen and not rely on the women to seduce you.
In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.
Shawn said it well.

SM3 requires AM to be used first and DMSI doesn't. SM3 continues where AM6 started in the sexual direction as he mentioned.

But honestly, these are not the programs you need. From your posts it's very likely you'll struggle and resist DMSI because of your mindset and the place you're at. Even if you did start getting laid, that's just covering up these obvious issues with sex and isn't of benefit to you.

I know you won't want to hear it and I wouldn't have wanted to either. But I can also say that from my own experience trying to cover things up with sex and women for years and finally having to confront it in a painful way, which I won't go into but that's why i'm saying what i'm saying to you.

The path you're on E2/E3/LTU is better for you as it's focusing on you and building yourself up and getting things in order as opposed to focusing on women.
I was just asking out of curiosity. I still intend to get E3 when I can afford it.
DMSI is gender neutral. SM3 is for straight men only.

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