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Title: DMSI - weak to strong
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I am a 3 days from finishing USLM, and it seems to have had positive benefits.
Nothing near like some of the stories i have read on here, but I feel a little less
fearful in doing somethings, such an confrontations, speaking my mind, although 
I am still hesitant, but overall its a positive. 
Before USLM, I was AOS, and attracted a girl that I really liked, once I go to know
her. e had a boyfriend, but instead of backing off I was needy and always available
to her, initially I was very forward in what I wanted and this kept her attracted to me, 
although we did not have sex, we "slept" together a few times, but recently  she has 
decided not to fool around anymore, naturally I am heart broken but should have realized
that she was not going to end up with me. I was too weak and needy, because this is the
first time I really ever got close to any girl. 
However reason why I want to do the DMSI sub is so that I never get into this type of situation again,
because this is just eating away at me and I embarrassed myself by behaving the way I did, even 
though I knew I was behaving weak and needy, I still pursued her, which made her run away from
me. Reading some of the DMSI journals and reading (Listening) to some of the books recommended,
I was doing exactly the things which I should not have been doing, being manipulative, etc. etc. Basically
being a bitch, so i got manipulated.

These are some of the things I would like out DMSI or any relevant sub. This is just a brain dump and some of them are repeated

Remove fears of neediness

Remove fears of getting hurt

No emotions when getting turned down

Not projecting my level of attraction to her

Not being the one more committed than her

No feelings of desperation

Easy to move on to the next girl

No sense of scarcity, endless opportunities, abundance

No feelings of envy or jealousy

Always grounded/Calm

Not to impress the girl

Always doing my own thing; so as not to answer straightaway

Always easy to walk way without wondering what if

Always being chased and not chasing

Feelings of worthiness and high value

Never manipulating to get something

Being straight forward and honest and primal

Always sexual

Not giving a*****what everyone else thinks

Being bold and fearless

Remove fear of loneliness, shame, desperation, rejection, embarrassment

Never play the blame game

Never give my time so easily

Always strong never weak

I can start the next sub on the 1st April, so the plan was to DMSI  for 3 months, and than move onto AM, for 6 months or so, and then see where I am.

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