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Title: DMSI collection of testimonials under one thread
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Hey guys, so I'd like to start a thread combining the cumulative results of DMSI here

In short, write a paragraph detailing how DMSI has benefitted you, what break throughs you've had and anything else you've experienced

Also if you still haven't had any progress either then that information is also valid
(Please do mention why you think this is the case though)

I realised by creating this thread it'll be far easier for everyone instead of sifting through multiple journals

Have you seen the testimonials thread? I've posted a few in there http://subliminal-talk.com/thread-1451.html
I had my first ever make out while on 3.0.1a Smile
32 Days into DMSI the last 3 days I have switched to DMSI version B at 7 loops.

Was in the city and had to pickup a few items from the Pharmacy (Drug Store). When I walked in
the sales assistant standing in the corner looked at me smiled and said "Oh look whose back again" (I had not been to this store in a week). This appears to be a hit. Chatted to her for a bit then moved on she was cute have to say.

Went to a large clothes store. As I walked in one of the security guards looked at and excuse me. I turned to him thinking wtf have I done. He said "Just wanted to say you got a nicely shaven head".

Strange but I guess this is what is termed as the celebrity effect Smile

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