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Title: DMSI 3.3.2 - The Force
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Hey all,

I'm back to journaling again. This journal will just focus purely on what DMSI does. I won't be updating as much as I used to. Only when I observe noticeable effects, then I'll write it down here.

I want to help in any way possible to see DMSI final succeed. 

I started 3.3.2 last weekend. I'm now on the resting stage.

I didn't go out last weekend, so I didn't have anything to report on. I am playing Hybrid FLAC. Been mostly playing it while asleep.

Being out today and yesterday, I got dozens of looks. Some of them were really cute girls. The sniper is definitely firing, giving me the celebrity effect. I believe it's not at full blast yet. Back in 3.3.1, the celebrity effect was a bit stronger and I had also been approached a few times.

I have noticed though from other journals that more people than before are reporting on the celeb effect / sniper firing. So it's a huge positive sign.

As far as FRM, I'm not sure what it's doing yet. I've seen glimpses in the past of what DMSI could do. Hopefully we will see it happen regularly for the majority of users.

I bumped into this Czech girl today, M, who I last approached back in March. Not sure if this was a manifestation. Does DMSI have manifestation modules? I'm keen to know. We were chatting and caught up a bit. I could feel the sexual tension between us. She was also touchy too. Put her hand on me on three or four different occasions to emphasise what she was saying. It was getting me even more turned on. The last time I talked with her, she had a bf. I'm not sure about now. But I could definitely see our thing going in a sexual direction.

That's it for now. Will report again if I believe/suspect DMSI is doing anything else.
I noticed girls from the past are unexpectedly cutting themselves out from my life. There's been two recently. DMSI related? Not sure.

One of them is German and I hadn't spoken to her since 2017. I had three dates with her back in 2016. Recently she unfriended me out of nowhere, which I don't know the reason for it. Was a bit surprising, since she was one of my favourites. But the past is the past and can't dwell too much on it. 

Another is this blonde local chick who I connected deeply with. Met her from facebook around the end of 2017. We were supposed to meet up mid 2018, but she unexpectedly got a boyfriend. We kept talking and flirting, despite her being in a relationship. Then we hadn't talked for maybe the last 4 or 5 months, till a few weeks ago when she wished me happy birthday. We caught up a bit. She told me she had been distant cause her bf doesn't like her talking to other guys. We agreed that we weren't anything though, so it shouldn't be an issue. After that chat, 4 weeks later she blocked me out of the blue. I wondered if it was cause of the bf, but I'm trying not to think about it too much.

Could it be DMSI changing my energy by overhauling the past that no longer serves me? It's hard to say what FRM is doing. I like to look on the positive side though. In order to move forward, the past needs some culling. Hopefully it's a sign of good things to come.
Been experimenting with tinder for the past couple months. I was never really an online/app person, but decided to give it a try.

I know online dating is generally more difficult for men. Women have the advantage, as they get an abundance of men hitting them up. 

I'd like to see if DMSI could reverse the dynamics and give us an advantage in online dating too. Of course, this will be an extra avenue, as I won't be relying on it.

So far for the last few weeks, I get occasional matches (mostly from white and asian girls), but most of them don't reply or they unmatch very quickly. The only ones who had been writing back to me are international Chinese girls, the type that I'm not that interested in.

However things seem to be changing. Yesterday, this local white chick wrote back. I was surprised. She portrays herself on her profile to be a crazy party animal, and I don't usually attract these types. Maybe as DMSI increases in power, I can pull in more types of girls who I didn't normally have chemistry with. 

Also I matched with another Chinese girl today. She's full on chasey and has been asking me all these boring logical questions. I'm going to unmatch her. Kinda eye-opening though, feeling what it's like being on the other side of the spectrum. Most guys say boring platonic things to girls in the same matter, so it reminds me emotional stimulation is important. 

I see some other guys in the forums are changing their usage pattern. I'm still doing the four loops pattern.
Was at the shops yesterday, replacing my broken earphones. I wasn't even looking presentable. Just rocked up there. There were two vacant store assistants ahead in line. The guy in front of me went to the white assistant girl, who was dressed very sexy. I went to the Asian shop assistant and started explaining to her I needed a replacement as a part of the warranty. Wasn't anything important.

However I noticed the white shop assistant looking over, listening into my words, essentially ignoring the other customer in front of her. I'm like thinking...what, I wasn't even saying anything major, nor was I loud at all. I just spoke clearly with a deep voice, that's all. Yet I was capturing her attention.

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