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Title: Could UMS benefit others?
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Its kind of weird; a family member of mine, who I love dearly and speak to on the phone regularly, has very recently (past week or so) gotten a couple of great job offers out of nowhere, at a time they really needed it.  They are going to take the jobs.

I am thrilled for him. I don't see him that often (once every few weeks) and don't talk to him about money very much if at all. One great job offer REALLY came out of nowhere, and the other offer was in the pipeline for years and just came through. It's truly a beautiful little string of luck.

But I wonder if me listening to UMS could have had anything to do with this?
Who knows. Abundance for family and friends who are close to you could very well lead to more abundance for yourself, personally, as well down the line, so why not. Big Grin

Difficult to tell as of right now, but I'd wager it's possible.
"A man who is doing his True Will has the inertia of the Universe to assist him." - A. Crowley
I would say no, but I had an experience shortly after I got on USLM4 that makes me think that it's possible that your relative was influenced somehow through the connection that you have with each other.  I had a nightmare I was in a room full of poisonous baby snakes.  When I called out to my SO's name for help, the name of a toxic relative who I want nothing to do with came out of my mouth.  I don't know if this dream was a warning of what was to come or if my subconscious actually called her to resist the progress that the sub was doing.  I was dealing with a lot of resistance at that time. Two days after the dream, that relative knowing that I wouldn't want to talk to her went and got a different relative to call me.  When that didn't work, she began to call me herself.  Since that didn't work, she got a friend of hers to contact us on facebook.  Once we blocked her friend, she began to call me again.  This went on for about a month. The timing was so interesting. It had been years since she tried to contact me.

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