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Title: Clarification on E3 instructions
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So when it says to run 3 loops of E3, that means listen to it 3 times in a row, correct? And no more than that within a 24 hour period, right?

Just checking to make sure.
Yes 1 loop is 1 playthrough. And for 5.5g other than E2 you want to listen to it uninterrupted. Good thing is it's less than 8 hours.
Uninterrupted you say? Shit. My first loop got interrupted for a few seconds last night.
ASRB is designed to give you a boost-and-cool effect. You can imagine it this way: If, in order to achieve its goals, you create a rocket engine that burns too hot to stay on for very long without getting in it's own way and reducing it's own efficiency, and you have no option but to have it burning that hot, then you must fire it up until it has achieved it's optimal balance between how hot it is and how much energy it has given the rocket. At that point, you shut it off and allow the engine to cool off while the energy it imparted carries the rocket forward. When the optimal balance of cooling has been reached and balances with the need for more propulsion to keep going, you fire it up again for another burn.

Keep doing this and you end up with a rocket engine that burns hotter than it could on a static burn, achieves more power and speed, and still gets you to orbit without self destructing.

In this case, the program is requiring so much energy and effort of your mind (in order to achieve the goals) that if we did not give it that ASRB break, it would become exhausted and lose efficiency, effectiveness and results. Those breaks are carefully calculated to exactly balance the need for rest with the need for more input to keep the process moving forward smoothly.

If you disrupt that carefully calculated ASRB then the effectiveness of the program goes down. A few seconds of interruption won't reduce it much, but it will reduce it, and continuing to disrupt it will reduce the efficiency and effectiveness (and speed) of the program accordingly.

So never interrupt the program if possible, and always use the loops back to back to ensure the proper ASRB for the whole "burn".
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