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Title: Cheap speakers seem to work better for ultrasonic silent subs (???)
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This seems a bit weird to me... I noticed the speakers on my iMac crackle like hell when I do the sound test. The extremely cheap and tinny speakers on my 1st generation Samsung Chromebook which I got for $60 off ebay probably 6 years ago or more plays the audio test fine without crackling. 

The speakers on my iMac sound great compared to those cheap chromebook speakers, yet they can't handle 20hz-20khz required but my super cheapo Chromebook can? That seems weird.

And it's not just the silent file, btw. I was playing an ocean tide sub on the iMac and noticed it sounded really weird and choppy. It does not sound like that on the cheapo garbage Chromebook.

Do you think the cheapo Chromebook is actually performing properly or just giving the illusion it is playing properly?
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I play on my ancient mictomax tablet on 50% volume which is about 10 feet away from me..

Been using this way for past 3 years.. It works..
I think Apple hardware isn't what it used to be. Which one does better on the speaker test? Trust that.
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(05-22-2019, 07:20 AM)Shannon Wrote: I think Apple hardware isn't what it used to be. Which one does better on the speaker test? Trust that.

Yeah, the speaker test is what I was referring to... I was just wondering of maybe reeeeaaallly inferior speakers don't even crackle because the audio wave is just so far out of its range or something. There is no way the crappy Chromebook I'm talking about has better speakers than the iMac, so that's why i asked. I would guess they cost Samsung about $2 per pair. Maybe less.
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Well, price isn't everything, especially as far as frequency transmission band is concerned. Smile You can get, f. in., extremely cheap speakers that go up to 24kHz in the upper range, but f. in. have no lows at all (so they'd be good for playing ultrasonic subs and talking on the phone, but terrible for pretty much anything else Big Grin).
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Cool, thanks for clearing that up!

The Chronic Pain one definitely seemed to work with these cheapo speakers, so I was pretty sure they worked.

But, since I've been doing the Emotional Pain one, my dreams have been about old issues I'm clarifying with people so yeah I'm pretty sure the cheap speakers work.
A what-do-I-do-now book.™

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