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Title: Change Of Instructions For MIR v3! Please Read.
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During October of 2020, I finally got a chance to test MIRv3 on an infection I developed that started off as a sore throat.  I started using MIR v3 immediately, and used it 24/7 like the instructions for MIR v2.1 specified.  It was not long before I saw the symptoms disappear, and after a number of days after that (I lost count, and it was less than 5), I stopped using MIR v3 and started using something else.

Within a couple days, the infection returned.  This time, it took almost a week of using MIR v3 24 hours a day to take down and again I lost count of the days I had been using it since symptoms stopped, and used it for less than the 5 in the instructions.  It again took a couple days for the infection to return, and this time it was worse than ever.  Back to MIRv3, and back to using it 24/7.  It allowed me to continue working, but this time, the infection was strong enough to challenge my immune system and it made me very tired.  I was only able to work slowly, and only on one thing.

During this experience I noted that not only did the infection return if I wasn't using MIR correctly, but it would return faster and faster as the infection got worse because I had not been using it correctly.

This made it very clear that the instructions were wrong.  I wondered how they could be wrong when I had derived them from the models, and after looking over the questions and answers I got, I realized I had made a mistake in asking the wrong questions.  The questions I asked resulted in answers that would make my customers happy with how much time was instructed, but were not indicating the correct usage patterns for achieving the program goals.

Therefore, now that I know this, and I am aware of what went wrong, I am changing the instructions for MIR v3:

Use it 24 hours a day until the infection you desire to defeat is causing no symptoms at all for at least 5 days.  As it turns out, the motivation provided by actually listening to the subliminal apparently cannot be sufficiently matched for this specific purpose by the residual effects of P6 technology that keeps it running in your subconscious after you stop listening.  You will need to use it 24 hours a day until the infection is not producing symptoms at all for at least 5 days.

I know this was unpopular for v2.1 of MIR and I'm sure it will be for v3, but it is more important for you to use it correctly than for me to worry about how popular it is.  Therefore, I am changing the instructions to make it work as designed.  Please update your usage patterns for this program immediately.  This is critically important!
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