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Title: Bitcoin, Electroneum, Cryptocurrency | A New Crypto currency
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Last time I traded in Cryptos was in April - 2018.

I haven't traded anything since then but since BTC is falling and might even go to 3K. I might look forward to buy few. Lets see.
Veros(VRS) did a 355x in a week. If anyone of you guys were invested in it then you are probably a millionare by now. Yesterday it was 170x.


If you bought VRS yesterday you would have made 2x by now
If you bought VRS a week ago you would have made 355x by now.

If a year ago then you would have made 200,000x by now.

Always invest in good Crypto projects.

Also,don't FOMO jump into it.

Kinda feel happy about guys who are now Millionare due to this, instead of me feeling bad and regretting that I missed it...Must be USLM3
"Cy" good afternoon,Mate. I'm grateful you've started this threat.blog, on Bitcoin,Electroneum, Cryptocurrency,and related.
Once Ultra Monetary Success comes out,I definitely want to do some serious investing as such. would you be willing to help a new guy to all of this out,in getting started,ect.?
Years back I could've done bitcoins and bought some fer around 2 bucks,each! I did saay years back!. darn it missed the damn boat on all of that...maybe after all, it isnt too late for that 'er something similar? Any leads,info,heads up would be greatly appreciated Men! thank you, genuinely.,Keith.
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