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Title: Be Irresistibly Attractive To Beautiful Women -- WOO WOO WOO
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i purchased Become Irresistibly Attractive To Beautiful Women 7.1 a couple days ago and started listening to it for a few hours.

well, last night, i went over to my friends' place and there was this cute girl who i have known for more than a year now, and she has always been nice and sweet to me,

BUT last night,
she kept complimenting me.

she said stuff like:
"you look really good tonight, you look like a rockstar."
(and i was just wearing same old, same old).

"wow, you are tall. i never realized that."

she gave me so many compliments and talked a lot about how i looked a lot.

it was just today that i realized that maybe it was because of this program.

i will check it out some more.

and report my findings and consequences here.

for the my first hear, i only did about 3 hours before heading to their place.

i am now listening to it every chance i get to test this out.

i am a normal looking guy, btw.

google "gollum", you will get an idea. ;p

=== MORE TO COME ===
I'm looking forward to reading more!
Yeah man. That's it.
Sometimes, a tiny change in your body language is all it takes to make women notice you differently. Just imagine if that sub repeated itself in your mind for 100 days or more? Would we see women competing for the chance to get your attention, or would they abduct you in a fast get away car, he he?
Nice dude! I'm roughly 30 days into using BIABW myself.

I've had some awesome (women) related dreams to say the least with it. Big confidence and body language changes, all that good stuff for attraction.
My perspective - Just enjoy it..your body language and vibe are no longer an average guy, so women can't help but notice. don't overanlyze it so you can be spontaneous and just go with it.
I hope to return to it and combine it with DAOS. Wink
'Evolution depends on the variation within a species.'
Charles Darwin

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