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Title: Alpha Male for the Nth time
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Decided to create another journal just to document the results im having. Btw its my 4th or 5th(?) Alpha Male Run. Swang from one longterm relationship to another. did a lot of damage to me emotionally. But learned a lot of things big time.

Its my 23rd day of stage 1 and things have been going pretty well. Am back to my caveman days wherein i prefer to be alone and do my stuff. Some people feeling my dominant vibe, some try to amog me thru jokes and side comments while others give me the thumbs up respect like i was some kind of a boss. anyhow,compared to my previous runs, i dont feel that much of an excitement primarily because its my 4th/5th run and it feels a lot more natural now.

Noticed at this stage that it usually triggers my friends' concern over my wellbeing. they always ask me if I was doing okay and all. Maybe their not used to seeing me going caveman/hermit. but anyhow, i noticed more IDGAF attitude as early as this stage. And i dont feel the same rage i had in my previous runs. must be the effects of my grounding crystals. or the combination of subconscious assimilation and energy emanating from the crystals. i feel more grounded these days. chill kind of attitude is surfacing. CoolCool[/php]
I will be reading this journal. I've done AM 5.0 and V6 back to back but never done AM since only refresher stages for 2 weeks at a time randomly. Should be interesting to see how AM effects you this time around.
Which version of Alpha Male are you using?
25th day of Stage 1 today

Controllable anger now seeths through. unlike before, I relish the anger, nibbling on it, feasting on it.
Now its more of what the *****, then i return to my normal self. The one thats currently getting into my nerves is the new girlfriend that i have. Let's see how this goes. Been having buyers' remorse with this one. Earlier I mentioned i swang from one relationship to another. Swang to shitty girlfriend who isnt giving me much respect. She's a hottie but her attitude just stinks pretty bad. Its gonna be a nice experiment to see how she reacts to me becoming too much to handle. Somehow in between alpha runs, some of the concepts didnt stick coupled with wrong decisions in life equals to buyers remorse. My ex was lightyears away in terms of attitude. She was with me for two alpha runs and has run Alpha Female herself. Oh well.

@Rayhon - thanks for tuning in man. yep, its better to do alpha every time. You become empowered.
we really gotta do it repeatedly until cemented.

@Frosted - its the 5.0 Version. am keen on purchasing the 5G version, but maybe not as of the
moment. BASE will be a lot sooner than AM6.0

just my 3cents for those doing DMSI now, while it is very tempting to run a sub that caters instantly to
what we want (i am also gulity with this... i bought DMSI also), it is never a waste of time to go
full time in self development with the use of alpha subs. It makes you a healthier balanced man
who is chased by women (what most of us guys want). but yeah im still gonna do em DMSI stuff
after alpha. or do some manifestation sub like TLAM or Luck Magnifier.
2nd day of stage 2. Didnt experience any anger the same type of anger that i usually experience during my previous stages. Its more of when something irritates me, i think about it for a moment but afterwards its gone. Feeling a lot more Zen during this re run. Must be the crystals I have purchased about a month ago. Curiosity about eastern arts of meditation is growing. I feel that Chi and manifestation are somewhat interrelated because manifestation requires energy and direct linking to the Source while Chi is life force. Mastering your life force may or may not directly affect manifestation. If there's anybody more versed with this topic, you can kindly chime in Smile
first Day of Stage 3. Extended a little bit to compensate for the days i wasnt able to use the sub for logistical reasons. stage 2's impatience has stepped up. but not the same as it was before. I notice more that i am becoming stressed out and thus make conscious efforts to blow off the steam. dont wanna waste my time pestering over things that my mind just concocted. More mature demeanor going on recently. leadership skills are currently shining through. certainty in the way i talk has become dominant. i have been able to communicate more effectively

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