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Title: ASRB Values for Older Programs
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There should be a centralized document for all the subliminals that have ASRB values, but are being phased out due to tech upgrades.
That's a good idea, though the idea is also that when a new version comes out the old one is discontinued. But with things such as USLM3 and 4 being seperate purchases you have a good point. I'll think about how to present it and talk to Shannon and Cyanide.
So i've made a sticky in the FAQ forum, though it doesn't contain the first 2 USLM versions or the older DMSI versions, but it does have everything else. And we will include pdfs with the descriptions in downloads from now on.
That's a great idea. I offered my copy of USLM3 to a buddy yesterday since I'm on LTU5 (with USLM4), and I realized last night he and I both currently have no documentation of the days on/off schedule. So this is a great solution.
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