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Title: AM6- The results so far... Wow!!! Thanks Shannon
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I'm barely on Stage 2, and I am already seeing results. For the past month or two I have been paring AM6 with Overcoming Fear. I know that we're not supposed to do that with Gen 5 subs or whatever but I was compelled to do it. I guess I am just one of those guys. Confused If i had to describe in 1 sentence my journey so far: Programming my mind right now is like trying to hotwire a car, you keep splicing wires and you get a spark here and there, but it's going to be awhile before you get the engine running.

To give you guys an idea of how bad off I am:I've been having self esteem/confidence/self sabotage/beta issues since my middle school years. I am 29 years old now. I have experienced constant failure most of my life, I give up easily, I am not used to asserting or standing up for myself. Naturally it all started with girls, namely my first crush. I didn't get the girl. And then it trickled down to other failures like not winning at pick up basketball games, not standing up for myself physically or verbally when someone is acting a fool towards me. The times I did, often times I ended up making a fool of myself, and easily get embarrassed. And then there was the girl 5 years ago that could've been but never was. That sent me back down the hole; Why try if I am just going to fail?

I would get down , really down. I would not have many friends, I've been antisocial. Sadly for me I didn't have the "Type A " personality parents, A for Alpha/Aggressive. My father is a pacifist , and my mom she tried but nothing doing. And so this underachieving life followed me to the military where I got a honorable discharge but I sure as hell didn't make the most of my time there and I really regret that. All because I didn't have confidence, esteem,fearlessness, all the Alpha qualities. All those guys that did have those qualities, all the ones that I have come across in civilian and military life were living the lifestyle I wanted. They were doing things, they were getting the results I WANT. All because they had confidence, they didn't fear failure.

I had picked up AM5, but wasn't feeling it. Did not work for me. I read the description for AM6 and all the high speed additions it had, so I gave it a go- I mean wth I'm willing to try anything. How far is one willing to go and pay? ANd so I did. The results so far:

I'm finally approaching and talking with girls, for example the cute baristas at starbucks, I'll make small talk and make them laugh. I teased one how her eyebrows were authentic and didn't look like she took a sharpie pen to them.

Another cute girl at the gas station. I would talk to her, even asked her out. She said no that she was just concentrating on her and her kid for now, but thank you. But the best part of that rejection was: It didn't freaking matter. Before I would get all crushed, but this time IT DIDN"T MATTER. I DIDNT CARE.

Girl at H-E-B Grocery Store:
She was drinking a monster while working. I teased her that she was drinking on the job, and pretended to call her for supervisor. She laughed, then out of the blue I did an opinion opener. Except I really wanted to know her opinion about said girl at gas station. These are all things I have not done before, at least in a very long time.

Hell even today, while I was at job interview (6/30/2015) there was this cute asian girl. After 3 minutes of silence I said " You know I hate this uncomfortable silence, my name is.." and I shook her hand and she me her name. I then just flat out asked her if she was single and she was looking. She got a good smirk out of it and said no.

I have also been seeing positive results in terms of my assertiveness in that a job that I got turned down by, I went back and made one last attempt to get a position. I said to the supervisor" What can I say or do to convince you to give me a position?" That kind of thing I can't recall the last time I ever did something like that. Usually I get easily discouraged and give up.

All of these results after just 1 month of listening to AM6 and Overcoming Fear. Thank you Shannon so much for creating these products!!!. So, lessons learned: I need to calibrate myself when talking with girls and not just ask them their situation right off the bat. I need to study up on how to have conversation, and not run out o things to say. Also to keep the ball rolling.
How should I put it... Don't take it personally, but you are ignorant and you have big self sabotage problem that you are expressing even in subliminals use. Is it really worth to go against words of the person who created these programs, have close to ~20 years (dont remember exact number, but it should be close) experience and have done years and years of testing just because you feel like it?.. Is it so hard to have a bit of patience and use one sub at a time? I will tell you that right now you might feel better results for this moment, but believe me in a year you will regret it because you could have gotten so much more if you could focus one step at a time. You will lose all your improvement after a short while, that's it. It simply wont stick there for a long time. User manual is there for reason.

I hope you will reconsider it for your own good. Sorry for some of my rudeness, but sometimes the harshest words are the best Wink. Have a nice journey.
I really wouldn't use anything else with AM6, You are getting some good results there with AM and you risk sabotaging it sticking at the very least by using OF with it. In comparison OF is no more than a wet fart so why risk the awesome results you would get from AM6 by using it?
If you have done this already with 2 stages , I think you should keep on the whole. Either your grow or next time do only AM6. Don't get freak out either way, that's important.
Thing is Kramer. AM6 already has overcoming fear in it. And a much more powerful version of it at that.

You are slowing down your progress. Drop the OF.

That said. I'm happy for you man. A lot of us have been there and it only gets better.
Welcome friend.
Revel in the chaos brethren, for this too shall pass.

This is what girls who squat look like Rolleyes



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