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Title: AM5/AM6/SM3 (June 2013-May 2015)
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Stage1: a girl on my street commented that she didn’t know which one of us was prettier.
Took acting classes, was a better actor than my classmates.

Stage2: asserting myself way more. Women and men kept on saying I have an “it” factor.

Stage3 : felt more aggressive and more sexual and genuinely comfortably masculine.

Stage4: women I worked with kept something is different about me. People seem to to really like me or ***** hate me.
Whilst performing improv the hottest women there approached me and said that the room changed when I took the stage.
The took to me gave me their number and we hung out the very next day for like 5hrs. Nervousness kicked up a bit which I hated.

Stage5: hard to recall was working mostly.

Stage6: I had a sexual aura, and felt more sexual tension with women I dealt with.
I looked so much better.

AM6 1st run

S1: didn't feel much
S2: it started to take effect, my personality was on point , girls would say look at him
S3: disheartning painful , thoughts of suicide after I succeed or if I don't achieve anything, walked a girl home from after I met her at the bar I work at.
S4: the fun starts, I'm extremely funny , and Some at train station told me I was making her wet, women start to talk about sex around me for a looong time and to me, went out every weekend with new women 7-9/10 in looks, got offered a job at Apple and she will to interview for me to get hired right away. Funnest stage
S5: declining external effects , inner pain came back, deeply saddened by my
life, not smooth anymore, not funny anymore , still went out but women didn't take to me as much
S6: plateau, got invited some women's hotel room but there was no attraction there at all, this lesbian girl persist that I go to her bday party then offers to pay for my part after I decline, texted me the day of the party asking me if I was going after I had told explicitly that no, some girl kissed me on the cheek as party of scavenger hunt for a bacholerette party, emotional pain was strong... The end

2nd run: after SM3

Stage 1 felt good, super confident.

Stage 2 I felt completely solid . I was called baby my female boss 8/10.

Stage 3 I was either called hot by girls within 1 min of meeting me or that I have player vibes. Girls flocked to me then. My favorite stage

Stage 4 severe brain functionality issues speech made no sense, sociability took another L. A girl I worked with showed me a video of her friend having sex, people walked in and we kept watching. Again girls flocked to me. I was very comfortable w myself

Stage 5 sweat signature changed drastically I smelled like sweet smoke/incense.
Disliked by coworkers began. I was unmagnetic

Stage 6 I became super ***** icily cold emotionally.
Severe distaste for myself. And misanthropy abound. Dislike by coworkers and especially bosses confirmed.
Truly unhappy.

Stage 7 super confidently assertive, got my personality back, was able to think clearly again.mischevious. My second favorite stage

On SM3 my personality was almost annihilated. I did get two girls. 1 I really connected emotionally but was troubled in a way that killed. The second was a 17 yr old. Like to **** even if she had a man, was really cool despite that hit me up to 3 months later to ****. Anxiety is also another big issue it will ruin things when your chicks. Girls will be bitches to you at times. After you'll feel sex is easy/ should be easy but reality won't be aligned so aligned with that mentality. So be advised.

1st run

S1 : sexual aura was pronounced, only remarkable thing was this woman took a picture of me, girls always said I looked serious or was stone faced. I got an acting gig w/ lines. Internally I was extremely comfortable being ugly, it felt so sincere and I liked it. I kept getting that I look like les twins.

S2: I behaved extremely alpha around men 200lbs, I weigh 140 , without fear, the sex aura diminished, got fired and got my job back, 2 women 7/10 blatantly checked me out , this girl 7/10 gave me her number after always seeing her at the bar I work, she always gives me free stuff to eat from panera bread. Anything related to gayness didn't bother me and I felt extreme security sexually.

S3: I would text her she would take an hour to respond and when would say let's meet up she'd stop responding, she came to my job drinking with a friend then she'd ask me how I was and then she'd say txt me and b4 she leaves she says hope to see real soon, I didn't txt her. She then txt me on her 3days b4 her bday and tells me how she was trying to make the best of it and when I say let's meet up end of txting on her end. Then a girl from my past came back 8.5/ 10.Asked how come I haven't been to work and that she asked about, and then how come I didn't txt her for 3 months. Mind you she rejected me and said she could NEVER hangout bc she'd be to busy with school, and when we do catch up she tells me she was hanging out with her boys and girls, I told her I liked , she didn't believe she said I was about to laugh.
Then she said txt , I did and she would txt back, I dropped a sex joke on her" how's that face and that body doing" and hasn't responded back to me at ALL.<~~ this sentence is the start of s4, over the trigger pulling is awesome. Then there was 10/10 at the end of s3 , she offers me her cigarrete and we are both smoking from it, she a nutritionist getting her masters in it, she 20 black 80white, and In her words that she has the lips and the booty of black girl and I said I had noticed, she smiled, and told she wanted to hangout, I felt super sexual in that moment so I got her number, she says she glad to have met a cutey like me I went to hug her she hugged me back and goes back in I'm a doorman. When she leaves she says goodbye and hope to speak to me real soon, I was a little restrained in that moment, I text the next day at noon and she answers 5 hours later , she txt that my name is beautiful and when responded to her txt , she doesn't respond , I txt a week later , 5 hrs later , I respond 9 hrs later and I still don't get a response. Miscellaneous things that occurred I got fired from another job and female assisstant manager got it back for me 6/10, another at the same place is attracted to me but I don't see her so w.e., I almost got in a fight w/ 3 dudes and the bar I work at and bitched them all successfully. Some dude today asked me if I liked girls and twice if I really wasn't at all into dudes I kept my calm but it pissed me off . That's what I can recall the most.

The manifestations brought a girl my age, emotional intimacy was there, the fun was but she had a lot sex drive and sexual baggage that couldn't be overcomed. I was emotionally colder which was better , the auras made people see me as rude and challenging and a creep and (charismatic <~heard this a lot from women) and(beautiful < heard this a lot from older women and that should seriously consider modeling , in stage one , 6 women that are 9 in looks said I looked like beyonces backup dancers and we took a pic together and another took a pic of me by myself . Some random women wanted to use me as a hair model and again proceeded to take pic of me . Some perceived me as criminal. A 10 in looks was sitting at the bar and just came all the over to me and said that she felt she had to talk to me. Mind you I was looking her way bc she was really gorgeous , i looked to the point where I felt my vision warped a little and like I was pulling her to come over. Stage 3 I felt girls avoided me, people perceived me as gay or called me gay, stage 4 was extremely painful emotionally , I felt dead inside,I had no heart, lost my personality , when I would speak in would sound confusing or noise, I lost the little speck of humor I had to make people laugh. Middle of stage 4 I was so boring to listen to people would yawn in my face, I couldn't converse at all , stage 5 made me realize I had no friends , no fun , and no human company could stand my presence. I felt ultra weak, feminine (energy wise), all I wanted was to have fun with women and and genuinely enjoy every minute of it. I could feel my 5th chakra (throat vortex) was stunted . Looks nothing major , stage 4 I would always notice my corner of the traincar women always sat there , at focus groups women would pick to sit with me to the point where I was the only man there . Stage 6 after I took l theanine to relax I exploded personality wise . I got a date lined up and then she cancelled, so I got extremely fed up after that bc I stopped masterbating, I stopped porn , and got angry that after buying sex magnet ; doing am5 and am6 back to back, that I was still not attractive to women, that i still got no pussy : I bought a prostitute . After that the girl that cancelled ended up going out but still at last minute she wouldn't let me ****. The other is the brazilian prostitute told me that it took her six tries to lose her virginity and to keep practicing . I also start feeling a sexual connection with women that were brazilian bc they would start talking to me. That's all I have any more questions feel free to ask ,
Interesting results, tt seems your SM3 results is a roller coaster ride, I did get that kind of stuff with SM3 also. Though it wasn't as crazy as your results but it could be because I live in a small boring city. 
Reading your results about SM3 I felt like I wanted the hyper super masculine aura it gives but I don't want  the roller coaster effects, I prefer some stability, with SM3 it seems people either love or hate you.


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