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Chivalry is Dead Long Live The Alpha Male
01-09-2018, 01:35 PM (This post was last modified: 01-09-2018 01:37 PM by RisingSon.)
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RE: Chivalry is Dead Long Live The Alpha Male
Damn, that last video is a masterpiece. That gave me the energy to stay up all night. The chemistry in that video is something else.

Then I came across this video and was even further impressed. Very nice.

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01-13-2018, 11:55 PM
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RE: Chivalry is Dead Long Live The Alpha Male
I can't sleep so I might as well update this oddball journal. Who even reads this stuff?

I've been listening to Albanian music like my life depends on it.

And it very may well... I like their style and attitude. Plus their vocalizations and hand expressions. I need to stop repressing myself in those ways and have more flow. I already have good flow but it needs to be turned up a notch a bit louder.

I have left my solitary mountainside abode and ventured into the world beyond. It's strange, there are people out here and well, I'm learning that environment can play a huge part in situations and attitudes but of course I want to see manifestation trump that.

I think DMSI is still manifesting, man that program is strong. I ended up in my hometown city (in the rich part where my family is from) and right when I pulled up in front of an organic grocery a teen girl with one of those gooey bubble butts came right along wearing loose leggings but that ass was still like damn. I met her outside the bathrooms as we walked past each other. Maybe I shouldn't say I'm telepathic but I sensed that she was projecting a bunch of angst at me. I haven't felt a psychic impulse like that from someone in a long time, it's like everyone is a zombie where I've been at, because this girl had some juice to her. Anyways, it was obvious she was in headspace and disconnected from her body yet flaunting it... Of course I was too chickenshit to say anything nor really inclined to, just locked eyes. See, when I can't even approach or aggressively seduce a girl who is wearing such provocative clothing that just makes me another emasculated faggot. That's why I hate being around prickteases in public and not being able to do anything. Drives me insane.

On the UD side, I ended up binging and eating a greasy burger with a malt. Haven't had junk like that in months. And I started smoking again... Haha must be an emotional issue. At least I downed 6 raw eggs with that meal so I got some real nutrients that will turn into sex juice.

The black front desk girl at my hotel was really helpful getting me checked in since I came wandering in like some lost puppy. Where am I and what am I doing? To be continued...
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01-16-2018, 07:15 PM (This post was last modified: 01-16-2018 07:35 PM by RisingSon.)
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RE: Chivalry is Dead Long Live The Alpha Male
ALRIGHT. I gotta come back and show some love for my favorite forum. Or at least one of the only forums that is good for my health.

You know, I'm still impressed by the DMSI effects even after a month+ off. I'm in a class right now, an elite healing seminar, that I shall not divulge the specifics of at the moment. But I must comment on my GAME now that I am back in the big city (not my city but another city: Dallas). I'm getting preferential treatment at the hotel like a true playa. Just been lifting weights in the mini gym here then went to the hotel bar to grab a glass of wine straight after. Asked the young woman there if I could get some wine and bumped hips with her as she grabbed a glass out of the cupboard. I got mad game, son. She said I could take the whole bottle. I chugged 1/4 on the spot (just kidding, I used a glass like a gentleman).

Then I hopped in the hottub only to emerge after a while dripping wet with my shorts sagging as I exited to the bathroom. Black girl with the big booty who checked me in was right in my half-naked line of sight, so I only grinned and laughed then went IN (to the bathroom, not her). Got wet some more, then came out dry and saw her and the bar girl waiting for me in the lobby but I ain't with that coy shit, son. So I sauntered off back to my room. Bar girl ran up to me and gave me a full bottle of red wine to take up to my room. I say thanks you are so nice then squeezed her shoulder as she turned away. Now the only question is when is she showing up knocking.
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Yesterday, 06:15 AM (This post was last modified: Yesterday 06:20 AM by RisingSon.)
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RE: Chivalry is Dead Long Live The Alpha Male
Alright, I'm bored with those hotel girls and I obviously only have my 'take what I want, intrusive masculine alpha' behavior when I'm buzzed or drunk.

Saw another teenage girl who I was attracted to check in with her parents then keep returning to the lobby to fiddle with stuff and loiter while pretending to be on her phone all the time peripherally focused on me. That's real cute, I need to find a way to isolate her.

I'm starting to realize if I want a girl who is actually young and hot and attractive I need to take her from someone else, either her parents or her boyfriend/friends. That's just the way it is, since the ones that offer themselves up as single usually are not of high quality.

In my class all the older women 40+ (which is all there is) are into me. I'm not really feeling the class at this point because there is a female teacher substituting for the founder of the method and I cannot progress with a female teacher, I can't even accept their authority so my motivation is shot. So these women are henpecking for my attention and being really open about it but my disinterest is obvious. I make plenty of brutally honest jokes with one of the more friendlier ones, like to hook me up with her daughter (or is it grandaughter) but I can see how solipsistic she is so that doesn't even register in her selfish mind. That's a really cool old lady, too, who has plenty of supernatural experiences but at the end of the day is just... Eh... I can't really tolerate women's ***** at all. LOL!
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