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Title: Alpha Male v.6 Journal - Run #4
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Stage 6, Day 21,

I'm basically 99.8% done my book.
I'm just waiting for a beta reader to give me last minute feedback about the introduction, after which I'll add a few last minute indexes.
Then, I've got to copy references from each individual chapter to the end.
Then, I have to renumber my cross-references.

I have to get my graphic designer to send me my book cover. At that point, I have a ready-to-go print version.

I'll have to create my Kindle version, too. That shouldn't be too hard.
Stage 6, Day 32,

Alright, so I finished this subliminal program. My impression is much different this time around than the previous times. For the reasons below, I don't have similar benefits as for the past run.

- I finished my enormous 2.5 year long project. I'm very satisfied with that work. There's more re-organizing that I can do once I sit back and reflect on it. Funny enough, ideas starting pouring in once I decided that I was finally 'done'. I'm still waiting for the cover artist, but it's something that I need to follow up on.
- I feel relentless; I am instantly committed towards whatever I need to do to get my project done. Read 25 books? Done. Change a habit? I'll work on that right away.
- I'm working from the start of the day to finish, excepting a brief lunch break.

So what's next? I'll be taking about 5-7 days off, and then starting either Maximum Learning Speed or Maximum Healing Speed again. I'll be refreshing myself on the details of my field of work, and then working towards creating a piece of computer software.

However, I'm feeling as though my health is slipping; I've got this annoying feeling of languish and that I've got an underlying health issue that I don't know about. I've taken a couple of steps to figure that out. It might be a lack of sunlight, honestly; I stay indoors and we're still in the midst of our winter.
Maximum Healing Speed, Day 7,

Doing alright. I had a cold starting Wednesday afternoon. I took Thursday off, but came back strong the next day.
Could hear it in my voice, but had no issues today.
Congrats on finishing the book man. Thats an amazing achievement. U seem to have great work ethic and u get shit done. Do you think shannons subs had an influence on that?
(03-09-2019, 05:26 AM)SaltyMeatballs Wrote: Congrats on finishing the book man. Thats an amazing achievement. U seem to have great work ethic and u get shit done. Do you think shannons subs had an influence on that?

Thanks buddy. I'm certain that Shannon's subs made the difference; I was working double time, waking up really early and getting things done while using AM5.
Maximum Healing Speed, Day 11,

Itching to start Maximum Learning Speed and get my singing voice in check.
Will eventually run DMSI.
Maximum Healing Speed, Day 13,

Should I stop this sub after tonight? not sure.

On last Sunday, I had a woman over from a gym/club I attend; we had been talking for a while and went for sushi a couple of months ago. We played some video games, I fed her some leftovers, then put on a Netflix movie where we made out and I sucked on her perky F-cup boobies. It was pretty great.

She's coming over this Saturday, where I think that we'll seal the deal.
Maximum Healing Speed, Day 15,

Had the lady friend over yesterday. She can't have sex for a valid reason that I won't go into (not period). I did use my fingers, I had my very first T-job (and it was great), and then she finished me on her chest.

We showered together and cuddled for a long while, watched a movie.

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