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Title: alpha 4
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What you're trying to do is pretty ridiculous, not just on the refund, but your entitled response to what I said. That's not a moral judgement. That just is what it is.

When we started IML, I never thought we would have to fight so hard to prevent our customers from taking advantage of us, but more and more we are being forced to adjust our practices because of things like this.

Lately a day doesn't go by that we don't have this sort of thing happen. I'm understandably tired of it, because it's not reasonable.
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Dude, when you buy these products, they tell you before your purchase that you get 6 months to ask for a refund. When you move on to purchase anyway, that's you agreeing to the refund policy. In fact, I think you have to actually agree to what you just read to move on. I can't remember. Point is, you agreed to the refund policy when you made the purchase. Sp don't expect a refund past the 6 month point given.

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