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Title: Hello
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Hi everyone,I stumbled upon this subliminal website from an online group.I really like the subjects and I have read a lot of threads since I joined.Looking forward to do op & e3.I wonder if I can do them together?
How does it get better than this!!!
Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately any program 5g or above you can only use 1 at a time. As you need space for your brain to process, all that would happen using 2 is that you'd get nowhere quickly as it would be too much.

So i'd recommend deciding which one you feel is most important for you at the moment and choosing.

The other option is Life Tune Up. It contains E3, UMOP, USLM and many other programs all at once. Yes it is more expensive but it has alot in it. Also keep in mind that very soon it will be going up to $1500.

Than you for replying
How does it get better than this!!!
Welcome Shreem! sounds like E3 would be an even better pick for you...perhaps there are some emotional things 'in the way' of you taking proper and timely action in your Life? another way of overcoming procrastination is healing from within and the fear removing process could/would help greatly. peace and good luck.
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Welcome, buddy. Enjoy your subliminal journey. You are gonna love it!!

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