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Title: LTU 5 Journey
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Started listening to LTU5 on my IPhone due to convenience instead of JBL speakers 3 days ago . Last 3 nights I have remembered dreams which is very rare for me. The only significant one, I was sitting in a restaurant and a tall thin unfamiliar stoic man walked straight towards me and before I knew what he was doing threw his cup of hot coffee in my face. Then I woke up. In other ones I was examining kitchen appliances in a very methodical manner. All kinds of different ones in different dreams,coffee pots, microwaves, toasters, etc. Examining their features , quality, etc. this is odd because my gf cooks 95% of my food. The rest I eat order in at work which is paid for by my business. 

Edit: Forgot to add when I went from JBL speakers to iPhone I went from flac to mp3.

I have been wasting too much time with porn and masturbation. I started a nofap hardcore 3 days ago. GF is sick now then will be out of town so I’m thinking of doing hardcore for 30 days then regular for an additional 60+ to reset things.
Intreguing stuff Jake...dream wise I mean. When you say hardcore, do you mean 'hardcore' 30 days as in NOFap or LTU 5, 7 days a week with no break or down time or?
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(03-10-2019, 07:41 AM)ncbeareatingman Wrote: Intreguing stuff Jake...dream wise I mean.   When you say hardcore, do you mean  'hardcore' 30 days as in NOFap or LTU 5,  7 days a week with no break or down time or?

Sorry if that wasn’t clear. NOFap Hard mode for first 30 days of nofap. Then nofap “normal ” for at least 60 days after that. 

I don’t want to give up sex any longer than 30 days so that’s why hard mode for only 30 days. Not sure I can even make it that long hard mode. Today is day 5.
I haven’t said much about LTU5 because I have been trying to wait and see if my observations were consistent. Since I have been running it for a couple weeks I will go ahead and report. I have been running Shannon’s subs for some years now and for me this is the most in your face aggressive sub I have ever run. There has been nothing subtle or smooth about it. Now that’s not to say it isn’t effective because to the contrary I believe it will prove to be extremely effective. My GF and I have been at each other’s throats for the past two weeks. After nearly parting ways we have decided to stay together and have resolved to make things stronger than ever between us. I have been facing much more turmoil within my business as well. Today for the first time I received some very positive news indicating that what previously looked like a disaster may turn out in my favor. Also found out someone extremely close to me has been sabotaging me behind my back. This one is still inresolved but my source indicates this started in the last two weeks. 

LTU4 for me was subtle but there. LTU5 seems to be going through my life like a tornado. I’m hoping when all the dust settles things are tuned up.
Today I went into a Walmart today to buy a new grill. I have never been a big Walmart fan as I believe most of the items they carry are not of the highest quality. But they carry a specific “Walmart exclusive” model I was unable to get anywhere else and it was the only one that would fit my space and function requirements. Usually I can be anonymous in those types of places which I prefer so I can get in and get out. Today however as soon as I went in I went to grab some ibuprofen before going to the lawn and garden section. A random woman 7/10starts talking to me about how she can never find what she needs. I was in a hurry so politely blew her off and moved on.  A couple different randoms said hi to me. I have no idea who they were. It felt somewhat like a celebrity effect. Two male employees loaded the grill then a third female employee pushed it to the front for me to pay. I followed with several other items I needed. As we walked to the front a random guy started heckling me about not pushing the cart for the female employee. At first I started to get mad but I quickly found humor in how ridiculous the guy was being. I was carrying several items, one of which was heavy and all she was doing was pushing a cart. Also I was the customer and she was the employee. He made several similar comments but I just smiled at him and walked on to the front. After I paid a male employee pushed the cart behind me to my truck to help me load it and on the way a different guy started making comments about how I should have paid the extra fee to have store employees assemble the grill. At this point I was like what the f**k is going on!  I just shook my head and kept walking to my truck and the guy walked into the store. I still find the chain of events very odd especially the two hecklers. 
Since switching to ultrasonic mp3 on IPhone XS Max from flac on JBL speaker things have been odd on LTU5. I’m not saying it’s not working or even that I’m not executing but a lot of odd things have been occurring on a too regular of basis. Annoying things like outlined in the last few posts. I’m used to my life running more smoothly than this. I can’t say for certain all of this has anything to do with LTU5 or even the switch from flac to mp3 and devices. It could be all coincidence but I’m switching back to flac and away from iPhone for now. Using the iPhone is super convenient but if I execute better with my old setup then so be it. 

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