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My Mom's on Life Tune Up - Ars0n1sT - 09-13-2017 06:13 AM

From my new BASE mindset of "I want to help people and bring them to the top with me", I introduced my mom to IML. She purchased Life Tune Up 5g!

I talk to her every couple days / once a week on the phone to ask her about how things are going. I'll be making this journal for her to document some changes and also to share with the community.

She's on day 5 I believe. So far she has reported higher levels of confidence and more frustration towards those who have walked on her in the past. Her boss is a total condescending B*tch. My mom has, since starting this program, spoken up to her boss twice which really surprised her boss and manager. It got her in trouble a little bit lol. She also B*tched out my dad. Divorced. She said she's getting tired of people walking on her and taking advantage so whenever someone remotely does this, she thinks of my dad, and instantly gets angry and then asserts herself to that person LOL. Alright mom take it easy haha.

She is listening to ultrasonic on her laptop as she sleeps. About 8 hours. I told her the more exposure she gets the better so I'll report if she starts using it as she watches TV etc.

edit: I also recall her mentioning she has had strange flashbacks to her past. Events and situations with people she has not thought of in years. Such events where she knew she could / should have done something or spoken up, asserted herself, where she let people walk on her, etc. She responds to these flashbacks with anger and running over the situation again and again with how she should have responded. "It really pissed me off!! I should have looked her RIGHT IN THE EYE and winked at her but NOOOO I had to sit there with my head down and not evne acknowledge her. SHE controlled everything that night and was the head b*tch. I should have done something. I could have been the head b*tch." Ha, I might get some of my personality from her Smile