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Changes to User Permissions - Andrew - 08-16-2017 02:15 PM

Hi everyone,

Shannon and I have discussed and reached resolutions on two problems with the forum.

1) Too many users were deleting their own threads. Previously, users had the privilege of deleting an entire thread, if they created that thread.

We have concluded this has infringed upon individual users' rights to be able to have a say in keeping their own posts. When a thread is deleted, all posts are deleted from that thread, forever, without individual users having any say or warning to be able to save anything they have written or any good advice & responses they would like to save written by others. The privilege was also overused. Originally it was intended that users would only use it in the most extenuating circumstances, but entire threads are being deleted casually by the users with seemingly no regard for anyone else that spent time replying to their threads.

Currently, there are no plans to resurrect any deleted threads and this is only from here on out.

2) Previously too many users were completely deleting posts, at worst removing readers' ability to understand even the most basic of context and continuity throughout a thread. All users still retain the ability to edit their posts at any time, and if you wish to delete what you said we recommend doing this via editing instead of completely deleting a post.

Also, if you want to get ahold of me I have a journal in the family & work safe section now.

Andrew (and Shannon)