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DMSI 3.5 chronicles - Kol - 05-15-2023

Wassup guys, its been a while since ive been on the forums. More then a year or so I think.


Im back on DMSI and some great things are happening. Ran in between the last 5g + sub a couple of others, such as ASC and AM6 stage 7. 

Discussed if I shouldve gone back on UMSv1 or OFv3, DMSI won out.

Since this week im back on DMSI. Went from am6 stage 7 straight into it. Attraction is high already, am having 0 inclination to relapse in pmo and will not even entertain it. Its simply not on my mind at all, except some urge instances. 

And yet, my mind has been never this over the top and im highly confident with it. The sub is smooth. Feels like me. Feels good. Smoother then my former runs. No resistance while running a loop. 

The hotflashes are also back where I feel the aura fire up throughout the day. 

Find myself behaving that I only could ascribe to dmsi. Im coming across some dope affirmations lately aswell. Nothing like subliminals tho.

Im impressed with the delivering of dmsi for just these couple of days. Im impressed. Im also feeling way more solid and secure ( root chakra, now that mention it, I feel dmsi working on it ) then ive been in a long time. More positive and capable.

RE: DMSI chronicles - Shannon - 05-16-2023

Is this DMSI v3.5?

RE: DMSI chronicles - Kol - 05-16-2023

(05-16-2023, 06:55 AM)Shannon Wrote: Is this DMSI v3.5?

Yes. Editted the title to make it more clear which version im running.

RE: DMSI 3.5 chronicles - Kol - 05-22-2023

22-5-2023 11:50 pm

Currently running a loop. Again feeling the energy/slight restlessness moving at the base/root.
Feeling confident the momemt I tap in that, like a switch up into sexual confidence. Women can feel my presence. Older women are very accomodating. Younger girls steal glances. Attraction is different on dmsi then it was on AM6.

In the moment execution takes place. The bubble effect.

There are times that I want to be left alone, which unsettles me as it feels like loss/setback of what AM6 accomplished ( onset of sub switching out of fear ? ) from what I come to understand is fear manifests in my solar plexus and sacral area. So we are going up like a bodyscan.

Retention still going. Those that master themselves get to decide like the lion in the jungle who to reward with their lifeforce. Ah petit morte.

Also, shaved off my beard today. Im looking forward to tomorrows reactions and comments lmao, ngl, beard was intimidating.

RE: DMSI 3.5 chronicles - Kol - 05-24-2023


Lots of looks, stares, compliments. Increase in taking the lead in situations, less patience. Im seeking to maximize my assets in terms of looks, such as tatts. I know what I want and where I want them.

I also like how quickly I adapt to dmsi reality..

Longer stares when locking eyes, simply gazing. I also notice how quick eye contact breaks with others. They cant hold it, or we simply lock eyes, which they snap out of later. Its those silence moments in which you simply gaze, unspoken communication.

RE: DMSI 3.5 chronicles - Kol - 05-28-2023

May 28 / 3 pm

Little things piss me off, people, situations observed and imagined. Im at the point to say fuck it, it all doesnt matter, as I consciously look into it, my emotions/state.  Funny how it started off with not getting a greeting back after saying hi. Rejection, abandonment, neediness. My dad being unavailable during childhood, mom rather getting brainwashed behind the tv then actually sitting listening.  Oh this hit me... On AM6 this wasnt a thing, maybe minor. Prolly the self validation programming, reliance and wholeness, making me an alpha male. DMSI on the other hand is about sex, and I bet THAT is what it is. Its more in your face. Makes sense, could be wrong, Shannon knows best, he knows the scripts.

Emotional availability hits hard, stands out. Wow, its just as impactfull and damaging as not being there at all..

Cant wait till my tatts are getting done. Been years since my last one, im overflowing with ideas and knowing where and what I want.

Coming to realize how subtle of an undercurrent perfectionism can be. Guess its one of the reasons of resistance, wanting to control, wanting to be perfect. Perfectionism being a subtle drive yet something all is build on, every present.

RE: DMSI 3.5 chronicles - Kol - 05-28-2023

In ways im growing more comfortable with myself. Also my esp seems to hVe returned. Hightened social awareness and reading many more things when it comes to people. Picking up intenstions and behavioural patterns.

Former post I wrote about feeling disrespected and what not. Some part of me doesnt want to let go from something. Doesnt feel like fear, more like an inner child pulling and having a thugwar, like it holds on/clings to whatever seems to go give it comfort and security. Not sure yet what to make of this.

Why holding on? If people threat you like that, why want them in your life to begin with? Its a giving awsy of your power. You drain only yourself and induce powerlessness. Thats how it feels. As if I lost my come and go base Im having most of the time. Self validating, self assured etc etc

RE: DMSI 3.5 chronicles - Kol - 05-31-2023

May 31 11:55 pm

Im having a deep sense of peace. Everything makes sense like something internally has decided to stop fighting. As if a wall has moved out of the way. Its like an "aha!" moment. Im also getting way more out of my head and got reminded of that just yet as im running the sub currently, more in tune with my body, actually feeling my body. Some sort of acceptance.

Pretty cool.

Edit: also want to add that with the removal of said wall my lust for outcome has reduced. The external world is reflecting back to me.

Very strong sense of inner game/self/state. A state of being and growth. Understanding of inner work.

What I do seem to "resist" is the rejection of women, or rather the screening part. A man of choices and abundance or any person whstsoever has people that "fit" and don't "fit" so why the fuzz, I have no idea. Mind vs subconscious convictions. Being in this place of choice and abundance, I love that sense.

In the end im running a sub, so this dragged up is something im gratefull for. Its like a separation. I see it but am merely observing it.

Dmsi also reduces certain habits that arent conducive to full dmsi execution. Re-orientation of me. This includes asmr, it aint doing much for me, its more or less boring.

RE: DMSI 3.5 chronicles - Kol - 06-01-2023

June 1st

Having entitlement rearing its head. The type of entitlement based on "the world owes me xyz" kinda thing. No communication, being left in the dark, vague shit. Now, there is part of me thats wondering if im impatient. But this whole "we call you back" is triggering abandonment issues, the not enough kinda thing, insecurities and doubt. I mean, going off at the people I booked with will only result in burned bridges. They will drop me and book someone else. Plus it will leave me with less options. They dont owe me anything, mistakes are made. Me blowing up will result in me being kicked out and rightfully so. I dont want to be an ungratefull demanding customer.

End rant.

Now, I catch lots of stares, me internally working through stuff seems to not affect the aura that much. Attractiveness of the type of women is also up a notch or 2. Good. Im more fluid, idgaf in public and whatever resists inside is losing. Im overall more social and dominant. Seeing myself differently, masculine, in its own league. Very cool.

Also had women ask me out today and rejecting them due to priorities doesnt seem to lessen the attraction as if it being an ongoing baseline. This is purely by choice, not out of fear. No escaping and avoiding, but me simply taking responsibility. Doesnt mean im not recruiting them to do things for me tho, I like giving women missions/tasks, ask them to do something for me. Its natural.

RE: DMSI 3.5 chronicles - Kol - 06-02-2023

June 2nd

Set the appointment with another tatt shop and can get mine done today. Very fast. The looks of everyone in the shop tho. Deer in the headlights. Great guy that helped me, somewhat younger and more modern but I dig his work on their site. I dont know why I was so shakey tho. Happened randomly at times but has me worryimg about first impressions. Then again, very little doubt they seen worse. Eased in the convo halfway through. Eye contact is unaffected, can hold that without second thoughts going through my mind affecting it. Overall great experience.

Gym owner asked me about dumbells weights as hes investing in new so celeb effect is pretty much up. These things happen more and more. Feeling really free, fearless and confident today. Socially open. Also more flirtatious with women in general. Its mostly initiated by them. Great pattern, love it. This morning a woman walked in as I paid for groceries, she just stood there, trancing out on my energy, smiling, felt her intention, felt my energy fire up, the start of the bubble/couples effect. Like we are together.

Also, am on a lorna shore wave lately, will ramos' voice, absolutely insane how good the guy is.