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Full Version: Manifest an Aura of Success
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Have not only the mind set of a successful/winner
But every thing about you exudes succcess,
YOU"Smell of Success"-Your very body odor exudes success,even in
your very sweat/ your aura is 'magical' and deeply Loving.Heart

Auric and Emotional protection form negativity,fear,limitedness
Auto-matic Auric cleansing,dissolution of negativity,negative energies.

You 'breathe success",eat success,sleep success
YOU walk successfully,you step successful,you swagger successfully
YOU are living,breathing,walking,talking success
YOU met your "successful you in your dreams,often'
YOU SEE yourself in dreams manifesting your dreams,your success,your
heart's desires,you're incredibly lucky,fortunate,exude the midas touch
constantly. your success is unmatched. Oppurtunities constantly
'fall in your lap' "outta da blue"

YOU have an aura of success,that resonates outwards of success
and prosperity! You have the celebrity vibe of having always been successful, as if you were totally born into
success and wealth,always,through out your entire LIFE!
people feel this,sense this about you and want to be in that energy right along with you.their energy,only
empowers your energy even more!(The Very opposite of being energecitcally,mentally and emotionally drained
by others!)

Successful People seek you out,find you out
"Fly Like an Eagle/Live abouve the 'Fog", Fly over the 'storms'
in to the Light, into the clearing. Always coming out on Top!!
Your abilites to 'bounce back' are incredible!!

- Very High Self Esteem to handle the success and stress easily.
- Positive Thinking ,Positive Attitude
- Dream Solutions,(entirely new and upgraded script,applications)
- Dissolve Negativity from within & from external sources
- Fear Guilt Shame removal
-Blocking & Sabotage and Resistance removal,sort of like the Super Anti-
spyware of subliminal technology or better!Thumbsup

- Solutions,options & Alternatives present them selves to you constantly
- YOu have brillaint perspectives on every situation you
- Your perserverance is incredible
- 'Percieved 'set backs dissolve in front of you! YOU recieve the support you need automatically.
- Deep Self Forgiveness -YOU,also forgive everyone and everything that
stood in the way of YOUR success
release ANYTHING thats ever hampered you from your total and
compete success!
YOU communicate successfully,you are deeply in touch with the greatest
YOU there is or ever has been. you can at will drawn upon past successes,present and future success,NOW.
YOU tap at will into the genius within you,successfully!! and more!!

A kind of Ultra Ultra Success in 5.5G/6G you might say,others would say you're tapping into your super
powers!! Well Man,one can DREAM.... the greatest is Imagination and Heart!