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Full Version: Ownership of subliminal
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Hey guys!

I've got two basic questions:

1) Is it possible to transfer the ownership of a subliminal program to another person?;
2) If it is possible to transfer the ownership of a subliminal program to another person, how can this be done?

The reason I'm asking is because I want to transfer E2 to a friend of mine, who can use the program more than me. I might rebuy E2 (or E3) in the future, but do not need it at the moment.


Edit: apologies if this question has already been asked. I did a google search, and did not find the answer.
Shannon has said that if you give it to them on something like a usb stick and delete your own copies then you can do that.

It might be good for Shannon to confirm in this case though, if he doesn't see this thread soon then i'd post it in the journal discussion thread as he looks there more.
Transferring ownership consists of giving them the only copy, deleting all others you had, and not having any copies anymore, while they have been given ownership of the program. Pretty simple. Kind of like giving someone a book. You don't have it anymore, and they take on ownership.
Done that! Thanks guys.

It's working. She's having pretty good results (although, she's oblivious to the results because of the naturalizer).

Edit: typo
I will do the same with MLS-5.5G for my little Bro..