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Full Version: Lock men and women journals section
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Hello there,

We have more than 100 guests visiting the forum at any given time. I think it would be a good idea to lock the journal forums for more privacy and also increase number of members hence more growth.

The fact that journals section are not locked give the guests the impression that it’s not very safe to share things on here.

I am not trying to compare other forums with this but most fourms applied this strategy for the privacy of their members and of course for community growth.

So is there any reason why these journals sections are not private for members only?

This will also be beneficial for the spamming and trolling going on from members who were banned on old accounts.
So maybe lock the section and be open for members only who have 10 posts or more. Or something like that, I hope you got the idea
I like that idea. Good Looking Loser has a "members only" section that can't even be seen by google.
I Say we Lock The Mens Section to members who have over 100 posts.
I say we lock the area to those who have not bought the subliminals.
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