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Hello my good people! Checking out the place, I was referred to this place by Arsenic. Currently 3rd day of pretty much 10hrs give or take of ASC during sleep and 9 to 5 work and driving. Let's see hoping for a good outcome here... bit unsure how to detect actual changes happening.. so yeah... waddup!
Ayeeee good to have you here buddy Drinks

There are some helpful blokes on this here forum. Give it a week or two on ASC- you'll catch onto some differences. It feels so natural that its easy to think not much is happening. When you look back and have that OH SH1T moment, its always gold. Welcome to the rabbit hole Pirate
Thanks bud, seems as the rabbit hole is pretty deep... let me reach the bottom and dig deeper...

You should start noticing vivid dreams during the next few weeks.

When I did ASC it was scary how much i did not give af. I had to stop and do E1 for a while.
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