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Full Version: weight loss 6.0
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I guess I should wait a tiny bit longer before I wrote just to be sure if I really am getting results with this. Have been using 4 nights while listening and as far as I could see on that kind of new old fashion scale that is not battery operated. The electronic one is seldom correct. It showed 2kg less that the other one, it is annoying when that meant I am 2 kg or 4.4lbs heavier. I have been listening to many subliminals at the time for 2 months, with weight loss included, but no weight loss, except for the same weight up and down every day or up to 2kg in the weekend that took 4 days to get rid off. Since I don't eat less or better. Or exercise.

But now after the 4th day it showed 1kg less than it has in several weeks. I am sure it was 1kg less it said today. Since the scale has been the same 105kg every day and night for a couple of weeks now I had to assume it is or could be thanks to this subliminal. 105kg is 230lbs so I am a heavy 5'2 person. So hopefully I will manage to keep on listening to this at least while I am sleeping for a while longer to see if it will give me about 1kg loss per week. To be at the healthier range of BMI I need to loose 45-50kg or 100 lbs
Weight Loss 6.0 is a 5G sub. You should be using it all by itself.
(09-20-2017 11:25 PM)Shannon Wrote: [ -> ]Weight Loss 6.0 is a 5G sub. You should be using it all by itself.
OK? thanks
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