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Full Version: ASC 5G Dreams
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I am new here. I have been using ASC for some weeks now basically every night. Now it seems i remember my dreams every single night. Its crazy I cant go to sleep without having a dream and remembering it. I have had some scary dreams too like killing people in self defense in multiple scenarios like 3 days in a row (always the same scenario, someone tries to kill me (knife, guns etc) and I end up killing them in self defense) . Luckily that seems to be over now. Can someone tell me if this is a good sign? I don't feel more confident even though it has been at least 3 weeks. I have the feeling I don't sleep so well because of the sub running in the background. Anyway any feedback would be greatly appreciated. What could be signs of confidence maybe i just don't notice them?
If anyone is interested: If you kill in self-defense, the dream is considered a positive sign of self-esteem and confidence; you are able to respond effectively to threats of attack.
That's great to hear. They say your dreams are a response of the subconscious to the subliminal. Do you feel confident? is it growing?
I think I do feel a little bit more confident, though it might be placebo. I will keep you updated! For now I am sticking with ASC and see where it leads me. I have the feeling it is easier for me to stay positive and confident whatever difficulty may arise will work out fine.
I have been playing ASC 5G again for a maybe 10 days now (Basically Day and Night, whenever I have the chance). I have many dreams and don't sleep very well , listening to the sub. Still I feel it does me good. In retrospect I feel killing in self defense in my dream means i kill my demons. I have a question for Shannon: Is the boost in confidence purely temporary or will I continues to reap benefits and remain confident even when I stop listening to the sub after completing 90 days?
Thanks in advance
Last night I had another dream, where i needed to kill in self defense. Hopefully another of my demons killed... It was less traumatic for me though. Like it was not nearly as scary as the last times i killed in self defense in my dream.
I had a crazy experience last night. I was in a dream where I was escaping and then something happened that never happened to me before. I was standing in my bed on my feet looking at the window like it is the escape I wanted to use in my dream. My heart was racing and I did not know what was going on for maybe 30 seconds or a minute. Good thing i did not use this escape route...
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