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Full Version: Ultraliminals and People under 25 yrs old
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I found out that if the ultra-sonic subliminals are used around those under 25 yrs old, it will give them a great deal of discomfort. People over 25 generally can't hear ultra-sonic sound < 15khz so it works as it should. While playing one of the silent subs, my friend's children cam over to me and complained of a "buzzing" and that it was hurting their ears. I found out that it was the sub that was causing the discomfort. I even played one of the files off my phone, and even in that little speaker, they could still hear it. So consider that if you have children under 25 in the vicinity.
It is widely known that younger people have better high frequency hearing. 25 is an arbitrary number. I know people older than that who can hear them, and people younger who can't.

The solution is to lower the volume or use masked subliminals. Make sure you calibrate the ultrasonic by an audible program if you try to lower the volume. Most of the time, masked subs are better for use around kids.