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Full Version: NEED Help with Audio System
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Long story short, I had a discussion with Onkyo tech support because I wasn't getting one sound channel out of my left speaker and the other channel out of my right speaker and instead each speaker was producing the same mixture of both channels together. Turns out that my RCA cable that I had plugged into the 3.5mm port in my laptop wasn't capable of sending 2 discreet channels to my reciever (despite being advertised to support stereo) and so I would need a different way of sending the signal for the audio to my reciever. What's even more unfortunate is that my laptop lacks the 2 output ports necessary to create 2 discreet channels and it lacks an optical port...

So essentially my question is what audio source do you guys use, short of buying a new computer, that will allow for me to send a discreet signal to my reciever and properly listen to the subs?
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