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Full Version: website suggestions
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Thanks for the products - just started the 3G Extreme Self Esteem one.

Suggestions to increase website text readability:

1. increase body text font size
2. Darken font color (to increase contrast between font and background)
3. Choose a font with a bigger x-height
4. Replace the cursive font for product titles with a clearer, easier to read font
5. Change the testimonial font to a proper italic font, instead of an obliqued serif font.

Website colors:

1. If you're going to have blue and black, consider making the blue a little lighter so that it is obviously different from the black, instead of being almost the same, visually speaking.
2. Consider adding a third color (yes I know there are two blues, but they are the same hue, so they don't count as two colours).

I have professional graphic design experience, specializing in typography, which is why I make these suggestions.
I think the blue color refers to "Indigo" from "Indigo Mind Labs". So changing that wouldn't make much sense in this case. But for me there is a clear difference between blue and black.
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