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Full Version: Ephra 2.0
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I am excited to download EPHRA 2.0 again and start using it. I believe I started using it in February of 2016 (I could be a little off). This was around the time of my first suicide attempt of this year, and probably around my tenth completed in my life. Because I was facing a long stay at a state hospital, I made the choice instead to try EPHRA 2.0, stop my meds, and move to Arizona. I'm so grateful I did because I honestly would be dead had I stayed here. In a very short period of time in Arizona, I stopped all medication, went off disability and started working full time, became certified in behavioral health as a habilitation provider, and ended up in the best shape I had ever been. Out of foolishness, I stopped using EPHRA and ended up with 5 more suicide attempts and my last couple of impatient stays, but thankfully, I ended up finally getting the correct diagnosis, the right specialists, the right treatment plan, and now I am back in Florida looking forward to starting the journey again. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk or have any questions.

I hope e2 works well for you! It's pretty awesome.

If YOU ever need to talk don't hesitate to pm me. I have off and on insomnia so there's a decent chance I'll be awake. Tongue
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