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Full Version: Effectiveness of POSE or x24/32 with men
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As I've read thru all the literature about the above products, it seems like they are targeted primarily for men to use with women as the target. What about the opposite? I don't need any help getting 'energized', lol, but I would like to use with an alpha type man who is in his mid 40's.
I can tell you that they affect me. They turn me on, and they make me respond well. I first noticed the romantic effects of X24 because I was testing it on myself. Same with the beer goggles effect it produces. So they should work on him too. You might want to start with X124 and see if that helps, and if it does help but does not get you where you want to go direction wise, consider X24 or X32. I remember suffering horribly while testing X24 and X32.
Thank you for the response. Does POSE work as well?
Yes, I first realized that it worked about 20 minutes after I ran my first test because I thought the AC got turned off. I was suddenly hot and sweating slightly. When I went to go turn the AC back on... it was on, and set properly. I was hot because I was flushing because of the program.

But, PTSE is very old technology and much weaker than any of the other options.
I have also responded to both ptse (a little) and x32 a fair bit. I concur on the beer googles factor and rapid desire to escalate to satisfying play for sure. Haha Good luck!
Thanks for the responses - 3 days down and no apparent response that I can see using POSE 1. I'll give it a few more days
I found 2 3,5 to be most effective
Those are the scripted ones. of them all, 5 should be the most powerful, and then the later generations of stuff would be even more powerful. X24 and X32 layer both masked and ultrasonic subliminal formats on top of one another, which is challenging to do with sufficient precision to prevent issues, but seems to have a strikingly powerful effect. POTSE V5 also uses this method, but V5 is 2G and X24/32 are 5G.
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