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Full Version: question regarding alpha female and ultra success
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Hi Shannon,
I am now in stage 3 of Alpha female and I would like to know if it is possible to use Ultra Success 3g sub along with Af. I have not notice any major changes within myself other than depression at times and I have started to exercise and at times I feel comfortable within myself other than that nothing major. The reason I wanted to combine both subs is that I am in a place in my life where I would like to become more successful.
Why not use the 4g version ? You can run 2 4g subs at once (even though it is not recommended).
Ultra Success 4G is a B/D program, you should not use that with AF.

Also, it's recommended that you use AF by itself for the first run through. I know it's hard, I wanted to use another program with Alpha Male 4G and I did. Looking back, I should have done it by itself to get as much out of it as there is to be. You don't want to divide you focus. Take the patience that I didn't have at that time Smile
Carmen, I would stay with just the Alpha program If I were you.
Hi guys ,
Thank you all for your responses. I have been thinking about ultra success mainly because I have read the journals and they have positive results. However I will finish using AF and then I will use the US sub I won't combine both subs at this point .
By the way, I would consider the wanting to become more successful as a major change (at least if it wasn't there before starting AF)
Just stick with AF. It's designed and intended to be used alone. When you finish, THEN evaluate it.
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