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Full Version: Volunteer for Test Subliminals?
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What I've read concerning the Magnus Engine being developed together with the contemplated enhancements to the Massively Polymorphic Multiplexion Engine are very impressive. Is there a way to volunteer to become a test subject for prototypes?

Thank you,
Hi, Tim. The way I do the testing process is like this.

Tier 1 testing is always done by me, on me, with nobody else around. For instance, as I type this, the first prototype of the MPME is playing, and I am alone at my office. I basically observe what it does to me a number of times, and if and when I both observe that a result is had and the result is understood and safe, I send the program to Tier 2 testing.

Tier 2 testing is done by me on people I can directly observe who have agreed to participate, or on people I trust to expose themselves while I personally watch. This allows me to catch anything they may miss, and again verify safety. Naturally, only people in my personal vicinity can be Tier 2 testers, and they are typically friends of mine.

Tier 3 testing is where people can test the program without me directly observing. For a program to enter Tier 3 testing, it must pass Tier 1 and 2 testing without any concern for safety, and without failing to clearly produce the desired and intended result for at least a large majority of the testers. Usually about 85%.

However, I do not accept volunteers for testing. I select testers based on certain special criteria and when I determine that someone is suitable for being a Tier 3 tester, I let them know they are invited to test and they can decide what to do from there.
Thank you for detailing this, Shannon. The thought that goes into the development of your subliminals is truly impressive. And I do appreciate the insight into your method here. Best regards, Tim
Shannon if you change your mind in the future I am also happy to donate my brain to any testing you may have in mind.