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Full Version: Efficient single-stage for social anxiety (OAA in 5G)
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So, a lot of the men's subliminals are related to success with women and e.g. I would think that if I'm confident enough (ASC) or alpha enough (AM), then I'd naturally have the confidence to go talk to anyone I want to. People in AM and even SM diaries are talking about making this and that kind of eye contact etc., but then finally they didn't approach even though they thought the girl was interesting (me included!). Something was holding them back. IMO it easily undermines any confidence or self-sufficiency when you realize over & over again that you're not really free to just approach. Also, I know from experience that just starting to approach will create huge social progress if you're feeling anxiety about it. Makes you feel free. The progress is just often short lived when the old anxiety creeps back in. There's also this social conditioning that "its wrong to disturb people", "I need to have something important to say" and so on, so just pushing yourself to do it won't directly address all of those. I'd guess AA is also the most common reason people go to expensive pickup boot camps and such.

So we have OAA in 4G, but because of the above I just think that if this were as efficient as possible and on the level with the 5G titles it could produce a lot of good results for a lot people quickly. Just the current OAA contents + perhaps something about playfulness or other kinds of social anxiety situations, but short and effective so one can move on as quickly as possible. Looking back, I'd have wanted to run this for 3 months first and only then move on to AM6. SM and WM seem to address this directly, but they have a lot of other stuff in them as well so its less efficient and its also required to run the 500$ AM series before them.

SimplePickup's Jesse on social anxiety (kind of promo)

AM6 has "approaching focus" at which stage(s) is it in? What about SM3/WM2? I'd definitely run the 5G OAA for a while between AM and SM/WM, because its important to me and I still have this "it's wrong to approach" feeling if I go out daytime. Might run the current 4G version too, I'm just curious if it would be more efficient than what's integrated into AM/SM/WM..?
I was reminded recently that the ability to handle tension is very important in social situations and with women especially, as described HERE. So something along the lines of reframing tension from frigtening to exiting, from something nervously avoided to something exiting and desirelable, could also fit in with this sub(?).

Releasing the need to reduce (sexual) tension (while still being sociable) by:
- talking (too much)
- laughing (too much)
- reacting
- fidgeting
- bailing her out
- supplicating facial expressions

"...Your whole life you have been doing things to lessen tension. You have always tried to make everybody else around you feel more comfortable at your own expense. You do this with your friends, your co-workers and especially the women you like. When things get tense or awkward you're the big clown making everyone laugh and feel comfortable. ... This is bad because doing things to help women feel more comfortable with the sexual tension will be viewed by her as supplication. A woman is never going to be attracted to a man that can handle LESS sexual tension than she can. ..."

And then there's also the 2 lines from WM2.0 that I though might fit in:
"Be genuinely interested in discovering new things, have genuine interest in others, and therefore naturally and automatically enjoy meeting, getting to know and spending time with others."
"Achieve a natural state in which your expectations are zero and you have only the intent of laughing, having fun with and conversing with people you dont yet know, without neediness or agenda."
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Wouldn't E2 or DMSI (healing version) definitely handle this?
OP was made in 2014. DMSI is out now.
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