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Full Version: I'm worried about the script
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I sent these questions to the shop's support and Ben answered my email saying that these questions are better answered by Shannon.

I intent to buy the Maximum Learning Speed 3.0 subliminal, but I'm concerned with two things.

The first is the sleep suggestions in the Maximum Learning Speed. May I know what suggestions you give for sleep? Because depending on them, I think they might impair some goals and habits that I have regarding sleep. I'm trying to sleep for less than 8-7 hours for example.

The other is about your anti-piracy messages. I don't have any intention to share your products, but I'm worried if the anti-piracy messages might install guilt on me or spoil the results of the subliminals themselves, simply because I've used and I'm still using pirated self-help materials and general books (because I don't have the money to pay for all of them and most of them I've downloaded but never used).

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The sleep suggestions instruct your mind to make sure you get the optimal amount of sleep for learning at your most efficient state, since sleep is critical to memory storage and recall.

The anti-piracy methods we use does not install any negative state or emotion. We do not use negatives, as negatives are damaging. I despise guilt, shame and fear, and even though it would be easy to use them to prevent piracy, that would be antithetical to my primary goal, which is "do no harm". However, it will affect your piracy in general. The anti-piracy is designed to bring you to a state of understanding of the value of what you are using, and working to return fair value for what you use, understanding that the value of the time, effort and expertise of the content creator is no less than that of your own, and therefore deserves to be returned in kind.
I didn't mean a suggestion to the listener to feel guilt or anything. The problem I think, is that by practicing any kind of piracy, like movies, the listener's subconscious might create a sense of guilt.'re blaming shannon because your sharing the sub is making you uncomfortable because his script teaches you to respect people's creations?

i'd suggest as a first step to leave your family alone..tell them the scripts are great but let them seek them out if they want them. no one wants self help stuff forced on them.

Shannon..days like this you must scratch your head and wonder why you went into business in the first place.