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Full Version: Do 5G subs affect previous subs?
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Quick question, will listening to a 5G sub undo or affect previous subs I've listened to? I ask due to the rule about only listening to a 5G sub on it's own, I just wondered if it kind of overwrites everything else?
Hey Alta with regards to your first question. No 5G subs won't overwrite what has already been built. It will only enhance it even more. 5G is more taxing than 4G and 3G subs primarily because it shoves up a bigger chunk of data compared to both 4g and 3G combined. So it is highly suggested to use it alone. To be able to see changes use it for 32 days. To be able to see almost permanent changes use it for up to 96 days or more. Doing less than the recommended number of days would not guarantee you desired results.
It's not suggested, it's required. Nothing else with a 5G sub.

5G doesn't overwrite, but it is a much more intense instruction injection method. You cannot use ASC with anything else.

I suggest just using the public speaking skills sub as much as possible before your speech, and if you want to mix anything in with it, Overcoming Fear should be good.
Thanks for the replies, I guess having public speaking skills as fresh as possible in my mind will be best.