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Full Version: approach anxiety/overcoming fear script
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hi all,

I have seen similar topics discussed but was curious about the use of negative words in subliminals.

I have read a lot of articles about the subconscious mind and its inability to distinguish negative words in sentences.

For example, instead of saying:
I am not scared of approach women

you should be imprinting into your subconscious mind something like:
I enjoy approaching women

otherwise the subconscious mind hears something like I, scared, approach women.

In the script there are some lines like:
I now completely reject guilt, shame and fear.

so will the subconscious mind not mainly hear guilt, shame and fear resulting in a negative effect?

thanks in advance Smile
The word "reject" is not a negation. The subconscious mind apparently does not understand negations. No, not, never, can't, won't, shouldn't... but "reject" and "stop" and words like those are not negations. They work just fine.

As for specifying things like fear, and other things that are negative, they may be negative but they are not negations. They work just fine for targets (subject of statement). But if you do not approach them properly, it can cause issues, and even when you do it's challenging sometimes. But if you don't use those words, you cannot directly target the subject you want to deal with in a lot of cases because of how the English language deals so much with negative forms and negations to get it's meaning across.
I noticed this as well in some of the scripts I read through. I have heard for too long that the subconscious mind does not understand negations. Maybe that "truth" is as old as Sigmund Freud or his predecessors. In more than a hundred years this "truth" has been (and continues to be) used, can someone please point me to published research that validates this "truth"?

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