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Full Version: ASC 4G better than 5G???
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A question for Shannon:

I've tried a bit the ASC 4G sub some days ago, then the 5G came out, so I'm actually sticking with it. I've noticed that after using the 4G version I had quite more obvious results.

Is that (at least virtually) possible or is it just my sensation?
i had used 4g for two days and then 5g released so i moved to 5g.. and 5g is faster and better than 4g from my experience.. Smile
@ the.dude

how many days have you been using ASC 5G? do you still experience resistance or is resistance non-existent?
I guess you should stick more to it man. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the 5G version of ASC hasn't even been out for a week.
I can't wait to try ASC 5th Generation too. Big Grin
its juzz 3rd day Big Grin
but for meh 5g is better

m most hansome guy in ma clg(according to many lol)
good at studies
good dancer
get attention from girls so easily whereva i m ..

getting lust full looks isnt smthng new for meh...
.. i was shy in talking with girls..
all was because of low self confifence and feeling of guilt..

i tried many available books on self esteem..
but results were not that good..

then i started.using ASC .. and on d first day of using it .. i felt really good .. i felt like low self confidence was only reason of all social anxiety ..

and now i feel like enjoying everymonent of life.. today i stood up on stage on class and make evry one to laugh lol.. cause i wanted to do soo.. this was d first time i did smthng like that ..

i was a DUDE already n confidence made me perfect i feel Tongue

i knw my result may be too quick but thats true mate..

thank you shanon.. Smile
Unless you use both for at least 32 days straight, you can't know which is better. You can only know which one you resist more in the beginning.

Self optimizing script H is very aggressive. If you have a resistant personality, it might initially trigger resistance. However, I have yet to find anyone, no matter how stubborn, who can stand against a self optimizing script forever. I have SOS-H currently being tested in the stop smoking forever program by the most stubborn person I know (other than Patti, who is not using SOS at all). The first few days, she saw increased resistance. After that she was seeing results that surprised her. She's not even a month in and is down to 5 cigarettes a day, according to her last report, although I forgot to ask what she started with. I get the impression from other things she said that "down to 5 a day" is a pretty major change for her. I am really amazed at how easily she is getting results. This is a woman who is as stubborn as a granite mountain.

The point is, three days is not a test of the technology.
thank you for your reply, Shannon.

I'll keep using ASC and I'll let you know.