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This thread is going to be me and the crew here harvesting the forum for quotes from people who have made comments that qualify as testimonials. These are statements they posted in the forum, usually in a blog, that are useful as testimonials, and putting them her will make it easier for people who do not have the time, patience or desire to read the whole forum to find them.

Keep in mind that these quotes will be referenced as to where they can be found, but as I don't have a lot of time, I may not be exactly flooding you with them. Also, I'm not looking to quote people as a way to praise them, it's just a way to show people what the response to my work is in the forums. So please don't be upset if I haven't posted something you said, etc. If it's quotable, it may still not end up here simply because of the volume of things to be quoted and the clustering effect of such statements. Thanks for reading. Smile

Quote:.... So anyway, I have been using Maximum Learning Speed for 4 days already and I have to say I'm quite impressed with the results! .... there are a lot of things that I would want to learn! But with the help of MLS 3.0, I know I'll be able to learn it at an unprecedented speed! I have tried different products from different producers but I firmly believe that nothing comes close to what Shannon builds. Cheers to you man!

-- SexyMofo said this here.
On the Sex Magnet subliminal:

Quote:Since the start of SM, I've slept with several women, one night standish, who were VERY different, that it's actually quite funny and when I think about it.. I would never have the thought of sleeping with a few of them before SM...

LionMonkey said this here.
On the Everything Is Possible subliminal:

Quote:Man, I love how EIP feels. All that negativity disappeared and now I feel like I can conquer anything.

-- Ryan, said here.
About Absolute Self Confidence...

Quote:The thing with these subliminals is the changes are so pronounced and yet you would think it isn't the sub. It pretty much becomes a part of you and you catch yourself with these new habits that you felt you always had. Anyway what I felt was something I always had trouble creating for myself when it comes to confidence. I'm not a fan of the fake it till you make it attitude, I tried it for a while, but it's only a bandaid solution, the deeper problems are still hidden under it and you can tell. I felt confident and I didn't have to try, I just was. It blew my mind. It's like a eureka moment where things come together and you think to yourself "why didn't I just do this before?".

It's this small internal shift where I went from being afraid and hopeless, to more confident and feeling like I can do it. It just lifted my spirits up and just made me so much more positive. It goes beyond positive thinking or reframing thoughts, this change came from within and as a result altered my negative thinking.

Said by Mat, here.
Regarding the value of my subliminal programs in general...

Quote:You don't waste money IF it's Shannon's.

Said by SexyMofo here.
On Develop An Aura Of Sexiness (AOS):

Quote:Well I use AOS and I can say it works brilliantly.

Said by MassageMaggie here.
On using Develop An Aura Of Sexiness with Become Irresistibly Attractive To Beautiful Women...

Quote:I used AOS and BIABTW in tandem within 2 months and I was literally feeling afraid of looking into women eyes... because they would either look back with lust, get very nervous, or turn their necks to me like mad. And you know... when you are an average guy, your not used to that... So get prepared AOS is powerful...

I stopped using them for a while but It seems that results continue showing up even if it's been more than a month ago that I stopped.

Said by rubman, here.
About Maximum Learning Speed 3.0...

Quote:I have been using Maximum Learning Speed for 4 days already and I have to say I'm quite impressed with the results!

Said by SexyMofo, here.
Concerning the Increase Your Penis Size program...

Quote:5 months use, min 8 hours a day usage. Betwewen 1" and 1.5" gain.

Tinygargoyle said this here.
Regarding the breast enlargement program...

Quote:In May of 2011 I wandered into Victoria's Secret store and discovered their secret closet. In that closet VS has implement technology that scans your body (it is the same body scan technology now used daily in airports around the globe) to determine your bra size more accurately, shape and fullness in particular.

After this scan the sales associate provided me with several bra styles best suited for my shape (there are 3 defined breast shapes). Until this point all the bras I have worn since college have been 34B. This test determined that for my shape and fullness, 32C was the most appropriate size. I purchased two 32C size bras after this body scan though I continued to wear the 34B bras in my current wardrobe intending to replace them over time (bras being so expensive!).

Now, the 32C bras are far too small. My cup runneth over, as they say. LOL!!

About two months ago I purchased my first 32D cup bras, which fit well at the time purchased, but once again, my cup runneth over!! So, all in all I am thrilled with the gains. Once I have completed all 6 steps I will head back to Victoria's Secret for another scan and include those results in my final measurement posting.

Tigerlilly said this here.

(Please note that she used Version 4.0; current version is 6.0; and version 7.0 is in the works.)
On the experience of improving oneself using my subliminals...

Quote:Self-improvement with subs is a great and fun experience. Thanks to Shannon for creating them!

Tiesto said this here. (And you're welcome. Smile )
Quote:Shannon your subliminals are absolutely amazing. The results I have had so far are a lot more than I was expecting. I cannot wait to purchase some other ones in the future. Notably Alpha Male, women magnet and sex magnet and Maximum Learning Speed. You're the most genuine businessman I have had the pleasure of interacting with. I also think the fact that you upgraded cancer healing aid to 5g and kept it free really shows how remarkable you are, I think that you are truly one of the better men of our time. Thank you.

Ldm2015 said this here.
On 5G technology with HyperSpeed Technology and Self Optimizing Scripting...

Quote:Been listening to ASC.5G for a couple minutes now. Shannon, my god man you've tapped into an incredibly power. My whole body is buzzing, I'm euphoric, and my mood shifted from being slightly depressed to feeling amazingly good.

This was only within the first few minutes. When you said 5G was amazing, I was like there's no way it's that powerful. This isn't even a step above 4G, you skipped two steps at least. This is blowing my mind.

I've been around these subs enough to know when they are affecting me, but this takes it to a whole other level.

My subconscious resistance feels like it's being bypassed. A lot of the time when I was using the 4G version I felt a combination of the positive effects, but I also felt resistance in the form of anxiety. This sub, it's just all good vibes and positivity. I feel like a moth attracted to a flame right now, it's that good.

I've talked about reality shifting before, but man I've never experienced it so profoundly and fast. It's like you look back and see how you were and it feels like a different you. It's not even a bad thing because the new you is what the old you constantly saw as only a dream or something far from reality.

Haha, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here with only a couple minutes of exposure. But these effects are really in your face, you can't ignore them. Resistance doesn't stand a chance.

Mat said this here.
About Maximum Learning Speed (MLS)...

Quote:....MLS is really brilliant. I'm learning new things a lot faster my memory and recall are excellent and have improved greatly. When I am trying to remember things come. I'm learning new skills faster and enjoying learning and practicing them. It also seems I'm processing new information and experiences faster now.

Roy said this here.
Concerning Poetry of the Silent Eros Version 2.0:

Quote:If you want to make some female friends fast...use PSE. I swear this thing is like a real world easy button as long as you give it enough time. Females are much easier to get along with while this is playing. I had one girl in particular who was definitely being affected.

K-Train said this here.
On the value of Woman Magnet 2.0, at $500.00 per copy...

Quote:I wrote with Cory Skyy and was 1 step before joining his blue print program, where he will transform average joes into true ladiesman. I declined, because I didn´t know, if I have enough time next 12 month. Initial price was at 3,000$. I think, when it´s not blueprint anymore, the final price will be at leaste 10,000$ for 12 month.

Put this in comparison to Women Magnet 2.0, where you´ll get additional subliminals and you know the deal... I think it´s really cheap with 500$, as it will (my feeling tells me that) at LEAST give the results that Corys program will give me,... and all of that, while I am sleeping. And it will go a lot deeper and really transform from the inside out. Glad, that I made the right decision ;-).

Smash said this here.
On the Alpha Male Training Set Version 5.0...

Quote:AM 5 is great program. I am on Stage 6 and I know it is a HUGE improvement for my emotional health. Thanks a lot Shannon.

AVB2011 said this here.

(You're welcome, by the way. Thanks for your patronage!)
About Luck Magnifier...

Quote:Luck Magnifier is really amazing-I've been on the leprechaun juice for a few weeks myself and been having easy as pie-to downright fun opportunities for 60-100 extra $ practically falling in my lap EVERY DAY for the last two weeks.

RainbowAbyss said this here.
About self improvement using subliminals, and the forum...

Quote:Self-improvement with subs is a great and fun experience. Thanks to Shannon for creating them!

This forum is addictive too, I'm always looking forward if there's any new information I could learn from.

Tiesto said this here.
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