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The Equipment Guide

Just created this from Shannon's posts, I just want to summarize everything so that all information can be read in one reading and to help other's to get into the right direction. I also added some of my own ideas. Feel free to correct the details. This is just a draft so forgive any grammar and spelling mistakes.


If you want to increase your success with the subs you must use good high quality speakers. Set aside a good budget for this as it will pay off in the long run.

The reasons why you need high quality speakers:

1. You are playing sound which affects your subconscious mind and you really want to put good, quality, unaltered stuff in there. High quality speakers ensure that you are hearing to what Shannon has recorded and does not alter any.

As Shannon stated "if the speakers are poor enough quality, they may not reproduce the audio in ways that are properly understood, which could lead to misinterpreted words, statements or even sentences."

2. The subs will be more effective as the speakers produce exaclty or closest to what Shannon has recorded.

3. Lastly, you will be using the speakers almost everyday with a minimum of 8 hours a day, and you do not want those speakers to break easily, or produce a sub standard sound after several months/years of using it. You want those speakers to last long which saves you money, time, and guarantees your safety and effectivity.

Guide to Buying Speakers:

1. Buy stereo not Mono

Speakers and headphones come in two main varieties: Mono and Stereo. Stereo are by far the more popular. Stereo means you have one channel for the left ear, and one channel for the right ear. Stereo allows you to hear in 3D, just as two eyes allow you to see in 3D.
Mono is a much older option, still offered occasionally. Usually offered in low end speakers or headphones because it is cheaper to manufacture. Mono gives you one channel. Some people can't tell the difference.
You need stereo speakers and headphones for my subliminals. Part of the build process introduces 3 dimensional audio, which is designed to force both hemispheres of your brain to work together as a single whole to process the subliminal.

If you listen to one of my subliminals in mono, therefore, you will only be getting half the information. Because it is only half the information, and suddenly your brain is no longer being forced to work as a whole, you won't even get half the impact that you would from using stereo.
DO NOT USE MONO! If you ever ask me about a speaker and I suggest it, but it is a mono speaker, you know I did not see or know that. I will never suggest a mono appliance if I know it is mono.

and in another post:
As long as there are two STEREO speakers, and it is played on a player that handles STEREO SOUND, you have stereo reproduction and it's working at maximum.

2. Buy from a reputable & credible brand
We had a reports of a user who bought a speaker and was told that the FR-Frequency Response is up to 20kHz and when he emailed the manufacturer, they told him it was only up to 18kHz or so.
Be carefull of unknown manufacturers as not all specifications they state are true. Shannon warned us about some manufacturers that produce sub standard Frequency rate and declrare them as standard because the sound produced is hardly noticeable by the average person. This saves them money in production, maybe purchasing sub standard materials etc. To be sure, buy from a reputable and credible brand. Also do not be misled by the price, there are speakers out there that are highly priced than the average but do not meet the standard requirements.

3. Make sure you check the right specifications
Any standard stereo speaker can be used for the masked subs, however it is recommended that you get a frequency response of up to 20kHz. If you will be listening to Ultrasonics, check the frequency response and the minimum requirements is 20kHz on the upper end, higher than 20kHz is recommended.

The upper end is more important as you need at least 20kHz for the ultrasonics. This means that higher is better on the upper end. As per Shannon, the range of the FR gives you an idea on the overall quality of the speakers.

Look first for speakers that has 20kHz in the upper range, then check the lower range value and choose the lowest range that you can buy. Usually, the wider the range the better the overall quality of the speaker.

If you are not sure about the specs, freq response, stereo not mono, etc. do not buy it.

If you are not sure about the quality and the brand, do not buy it.

The benefits of having more than 20kHz:
The speaker/headphone will reproduce the ultrasonics more cleanly, and they will actually become quieter to conscious hearing. Second, you'll be able to benefit from the audio in the subliminal that goes above 20 kHz. It's not really terribly important, but it will help improve clarity slightly. There is audio up to 23 kHz in the ultrasonic programs.

Using your cellphone or your laptop speaker is not recommended and there's no guarantee the subs will work for you. I have read that there are some users who use their cellphones and laptop speakers and got results but you really want to make sure that you are hearing quality sound. In other words, use a quality standalone speaker.

In general, the bigger the size of the speaker, the louder the volume it can produce. There are exceptions of course with the more technologically advanced speakers like Bose.

Some notes on Ultrasonics:
20 kHz is the minimum for properly reproducing the ultrasonics, as they use a frequency band that tops out there. If you cannot find the frequency response rating, there's a simple test you can do to know if your speakers work.

1. Do you hear staticky voices? If so, they are not fit for use with ultrasonics.
2. Do you hear occasional crackling? That usually happens when they're on the verge of being unfit.
3. Turn the volume up to maximum. Do you hear staticky voices (speaker distortion) now? If so, and you could not hear them before, then the speakers are good. Just remember to return it to normal volume.

The best volume for the ocean surf version is "as loud as you can stand it" or at a normal volume for when you would listen to something else audible (music), whichever is the lower of the two options for volume. If you play them at night, and you play it at a lower volume than that, it will still work, but tend to be somewhat less effective or quick. You should not be using headphones to listen to ultrasonics. If you must, it's a good idea to reduce the volume some.

Ultrasonic subliminals are limited to a range of 15 to 20 kHz.
Masked subs use are limited to 100 Hz and about 4 kHz.

Mp3 players:
There are a lot of mp3 players out there.
Just buy from a reputable & credible brand and make sure they are stereo players.