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Full Version: Stubborn headache when listening to sub
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So, I've been listening to MLS 4.0 for 4 weeks now. I am listening to ultrasonic track from my phone speaker. I increased the volume to 10/15 clicks in the second cycle. The very first night i did it, I had a very vivid dream about something trying to kill me when I'm going home from school. I felt death closing on me. I was so scared and I woke up from sleep. It was the most intense fear I've ever felt. I interpreted the dream as MLS digging some fears from me so I keep listening that way. Since then, I had vivid dream every night.

However, since the start of my third cycle, I have a painful headache that won't go away no matter what I did. I thought it was a resistance so I tried to hold on. Overtime, it became unbearable as it would last for hours and sometime it lasted through the day and night. It ruined my days. 

After around 2 days of constant headache, I lower the volume by a notch and it was gone the next day. Almost as if I've never had one in the first place. 

I've been fine since then but I am doubting myself over my decision. I am feeling conflicted as to what I should do. I want to stick with my previous volume but i could not handle the headache.

Have anyone had the same 'headache' problem on MLS or different subliminal? How did you deal with it?
How is your hearing?has it changed in any way?
(04-06-2021, 05:11 PM)saamaanazizi Wrote: [ -> ]How is your hearing?has it changed in any way?

Hi saamaanazizi. There's no problem with my hearing. It hasn't changed either. Aside from those headache, I think there's no physical issue with MLS so far.
I used to drink coffee while listening to my stop smoking sub years ago but after a a while  began to hear ringing in my ears.I used ocean surf masked.I believe the amount of information processing has something to do with it.I at first wanted to recommend drinking coffee.but be warned of possible tinitues.
I remember answering this question... OP, did you post this question in two places?