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I never journaled my run with OF v1 because two of the main things that occurred for me were:

  1. extreme fatigue and exhaustion
  2. anger.

I discounted the fatigue because I have continued to work throughout the shutdown (essential worker) and I work in an environment subject to the elements. So, Florida in the summer (I almost typed 'simmer,' and that's what it felt like) can really take it out of you, and I wasn't sure how much the exhaustion was due to the heat, and how much was due to the sub.

Same with the second thing: I found myself going into extreme fits of anger (not often, but extreme.) I have had some anger issues over the years, and I have a pretty good idea of the history and origins of these (I don't believe it was my subconscious rebelling against the sub out of fear of being overpowered by the technology, although there may have been a bit of that.) One thing about the anger this time: if I consider the spectrum of anger running from “highly irritated” to “rage,” this anger was much more towards the rage end. But as I said, this was not often, maybe three or four times (maybe I was too tired to get angry?)

But the third thing that occurred was much more interesting to me. This was maybe four months or so into OF v1. When I went to bed at night, I was so tired that I was in the twilight state as soon as my head hit the pillow. And suddenly, words or phrases popped into my mind. I keep a pen and note pad by my bed for just this purpose, because I know things tend to bubble out from my subconscious at these times. So I sat up in bed, jotted it down, and laid back down and went to sleep. And the next night, same thing, maybe a word or two, maybe a phrase. This kept up regularly over a span of two or three weeks. No matter how tired I was, and how much I didn't want to, I sat up and jotted it down. I wanted the line between conscious and subconscious to stay open.

The “dictation” tapered off, but I kept reading what had been written, and eventually worked the material into two songs (one of which I had already (barely) started, the other brand-new.)

Ultimately, the realization I got from all this is that it's important to my subconscious (and by extension, to me) that I use the outlets available to me to...and here I originally was going to say “create,” but that's not it. No, the realization is that it's important for my being to PLAY.

So I have been doing more of that. My subconscious has made it clear that, besides writing songs, it likes colors, it likes form, and to really play with those without worrying if it's “good.”
Is that really a review of the program?
It was what I experienced while using the sub, and it was a pretty big deal for me. It has not occurred since (I started OF v2 upon it's release.) If my post does not meet the criteria for a review, feel free to remove it.

Shannon, I realize you have the full weight of IML's potential for success on your shoulders. This pandemic has thrown a wrench in the works for your business. I also know you have incredible drive, work ethic, insight and creativity. Plus the degree of difficulty increases as you approach the much-awaited 6G.

What I can glean from reading the forum is that you are constantly working on subs, handling the forum, taking care of life stuff, and trying to get enough rest to keep going.

I remember, it seems like years ago, when you could take a vacation. You had an almost childlike delight in going to the water park, or hunting for gems and minerals. You know- playing!

I realize you may not have that luxury right now, so my wish for you this new year is unexpected delights that help keep you going.

I'm just saying, the information is not presented as a review as I understand a review. A review is an exploration of the features and experiences of the program. I'm just saying, the way you wrote it doesn't follow the format or provide the type of information I would think would make up a review.

By the way, your experiences with anger are very likely the result of the bindings of fear being removed, allowing other parts of your awareness that have been held back and very much frustrated and angered, to come forth and express themselves because the fear that previously repressed them and was causing the frustration that resulted in their anger has been removed. So it would seem to me that the reports of anger are in fact a healthy expression of the frustrations you felt as a result of being afraid previously.

As for play... there has been precious little opportunity for that for a long time now. Hopefully that will change sometime this year. Thank you for the well wishes.