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I would recommend that there is a clear statement which "groups" the subliminal is suited for or is not suited for.

To explain further:
LTU6 is a 6 stage program and should be used for 6 months without doing a break or stopping it. At the moment there is no statement that it is not suited for pregnant women even though Shannon stated it in the journal discussion. Sure, the info is somewhere to be found but I want it easy and transparent for the customer.

Some groups I would suggest making it transparent for:
"suitable around children"
"suitable for children"
"suitable for pregnant women" (Detox module could cause problems)
"suitable for breastfeeding women" (Detox module could cause problems)

Any other definition is welcome.

Also I would recommend to put the instructions as a sheet into the subliminal zip like it was done with 4G programs.