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Full Version: Questions about UM and OP
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I've been using Everything is Possible (EIP) for about 2 months now and while it's definitely helped me see possibilities and opportunities I can take in my life, I've come to the conclusion that my problem is more motivational/procrastination based.

I remember there was a Ultra Motivation/Overcome Procrastination (UMOP) as a single subliminal, but looks it's currently been taken off the shelf -

So until that comes back, I have been musing which one (or both) of the two products it's based on would be better for me in the mean time;


And looking at the instructions for 4G programmes, it's advised not to use more than two 4G programmes at a time? So would it be better to wait for UMOP to come back or get both OP and UM separately and use them as advised on the instructions page (If you are using more than one program at a time, use them at different points in the day. For instance, Program A all night, Program B during the day.)?

I also seemed to recall it's best to have a 2 week cooling off period before switching subliminals, would that still be the case switching from EIP to either or both UM+OP or, when it's back UMOP?

UMOP has been taken down, yes. It will be rebuilt at some point in the future and made available again.

If you are going to go with the 4G variants, you can use those two together, but 4G has a limit of 2 programs of 4G or lower together at a time. If you use them together, you can use them in various patterns, but I suggest using them one per day. It will probably work best to give yourself 12 hours on, 12 hours of, switch, and then 12 hours on and 12 hours off, and then switch again.

EIP is a 4G program, and you don't need to take time off from those. They're not powerful enough to need that unless you're coming off a long term run.
Thanks for the clarification and advice Shannon,

Very much appreciated!
Hey Shannon!

Any updates on the updated UMOP?
Well, it's in LTUv6. I'm going to try to extract it sometime in the next few months. But I don't know exactly when it will get done.