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Full Version: Unable to downloads product on my phone
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This has been going on for a long time already, maybe a year or two. So if I'll try to download a sub from the IML website with my phone, it'll download a little over 100 MB and that say it's complete. This is with new titles also, so I'll buy a product and start the DL and after about 100 MB it stops. Not an error, but it says it's done now. The file names are different for each release, so I don't know how I could have some cache or something for those new files.

I have tried multiple browsers, same results. I think a long time ago or worked some times, but usually not - now it never works. The phone is Android, now at version 9.

What I now do is to DL them on my laptop and then upload to cloud storage and DL from there to my phone, then check hashes.

Any ideas, anybody?